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Xian Travel Guide

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Xian, known as Chang 'an in ancient times, is the capital of Shaanxi province. Xian was once the political, economic and cultural center of China and the earliest city to open to the outside world. Whenever you’re here, you will be astonished by its magnificent and profound historical and cultural heritage, of which the highlights: The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the First Emperor of Qin, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shanxi History Museum and the Xingjiao Temple Pagoda, as well as the City Wall.


·        Best Tours in Xian:

1.       Three-day Xian City Tour-- The three-day tour will lead you to sightsee world cultural heritage and experience the legendary of Xi’an.

2.       Xian Day Tour to Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Banpo Site and Wild Goose Pagoda-- The tour will show you the famous landmarks in Xian.

3.       Xian Day Tour to Shaanxi History Museum, Forest of Steles and Ancient City Wall-- The tour will lead you to visit amazing Xi’an.

4.       Hiking tour of Huashan-- Mt. Huashan one of the five best-known mountains in China, is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics. The natural landscape around Xian is also marvelous.

5.       Xian Day Tour to Great Mosque, Ancient City Wall with Bicycle, Muslim Street, Shadow Play in the Gao Coutyard--The one day tour will lead you to experience ancient architecture and local life in Xi’an.


·        When to visit Xian:

Xian has a typical temperate and monsoonal climate with four clearly distinct seasons. The best time to visit Xian is spring and autumn, that’s March to May, September to

November. It’ll be wise to avoid visiting in October especially during China National Holiday when too many people crowd Xian. 


·        Weather in Xian:

In general, from March to April, the weather is getting warmer; from June to August, it’s hot and please pay attention to sun protection; from September to October, the temperature varies greatly between day and night, keep warm and prevent from cold. Besides, the moisturizers and windproof scarf are needed as it will be dry and occasional sandstorms in spring, when it’s cold and foggy, with light wind and less rain and snow in winter.


·        Best things to do in Xian:

1.       Terra-Cotta Warriors:

As one of the eight wonders of the world, the Terra-Cotta Warriors, have become a name card of Xian, attracting thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year. When entering the museum of terra-cotta warriors and horses of the Emperor Qin Shihuang, you will be impressed by the magnificent lifelike terracotta warriors and horses, and amazed by the wisdom of the ancients. In addition, the museum also contains a large number of relics and treasures, showing the glory of the Qin Dynasty.


2.       Shaanxi History Museum:

Known as "the treasure bank of China" and "the magnificent palace of Chinese civilization", it has condensed the essence of the history of the Chinese nation.


3.       Cycling on the Xian City Wall:

The Ancient City Wall of Xian is the largest and most complete Ancient City Wall in China. Cycling around is the fastest way to walk around the four corners of the City Wall. There are bicycle rental points on the City Wall, you could ride single or double bicycle as you like. Cycling on the City Wall is stable, and it offers a smooth and expansive vista, especially in the late afternoon, when the sun comes down, you may have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the City Wall.


4.       Great Wild Goose Pagoda:

As Xian famous landmark, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, it’s 7 floors, 64.5meters high, where widely renowned Master Xuanzang (Monk Tripitaka) stored his Buddhist classics brought from India. During daytime, you can climb up to the Pagoda and take a far-sighted view. At night, the whole Pagoda is decorated by lights, and there is a 40-minute musical fountain show in the North Square. The Pagoda is more beautiful against the backdrop of water spray.


5.       Muslim Quarter:

Muslim Quarter (also called Muslim Street) is the most famous food and cultural district in Xian, it is also the main leisure place for locals. From day to night, there is a continuous stream of diners and bustle. There are many restaurants and stalls along the street, from the century-old shop to the unknown stalls, snacks, staple foods and drinks have their own characteristics. Taste the Rou Jia Mo that overflowed with wax sauce, steaming Pao Mo (Bread Pieces in Soup), Biáng Biang Noodles, Cold Noodles(Liang Pi), thicker Spicy Soup ... those’re the flavor of old Shaanxi, and gives you a wonderful aftertaste.


6.       Watch an old Shaanxi Opera:

In Shaanxi, the most representative folk art is the Shaanxi Opera. Compared with other plays, the Qinqiang tone is more high-pitched and heroic. It replaces "singing" with an expression similar to "howling". The Shaanxi people sing in this way to express their heroic characters. Sitting in the local Grand Theater to watch a Shaanxi Opera, feeling the strength of the "eight hundred miles of Qinchuan dust, 30 million old Shaanxi singing the Shaanxi Opera", adding some lingering charm to the trip to Xi'an.


7.  Interesting Family Experience:

1)     Shadow Play: Shadow Play is a king of old-style and peculiar traditional folk opera, which is very popular in the central Shaanxi plain. It’s vivid and also very interesting for kids.

2)     Paper Cutting: Being one of the most popular folk art, Chinese Paper Cutting is very popular around the world, which is often given as a present to foreign friends.

3)     Making the Terra-Cotta Warriors: The magnificent Terra-Cotta Warriors stun you? Let’s make it then you’ll have the one belongs to you.

4)     Visiting the Cave Dwelling: Cave Dwelling in Shaanxi province is a unique form of traditional dwellings on the Loess Plateau of northern China. Family visiting the Cave Dwelling it would be a special experience to learn the local cultural customs.


·        Popular Hotels in Xian:

Wyndham Grand Xian South Hotel*****- luxurious hotel in a great location, friendly staff, great food.

Bell Tower Hotel Xian****-Near Xian Bell Tower and Muslim Quarter, near subway, Airport Shuttle Bus starts here, perfect location to explore Xi'an.

Central hotel with restaurant, connected to a shopping centre, near Xi'an Bell Tower

Holiday Inn Express Xi'An Bell Tower***- Valuable hotel, Central hotel with restaurant, connected to a shopping center, near Xi'an Bell Tower.

Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel-Special Hotel in Chinese Style, elegant environment, antique, pleasant professional staff.

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