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Guilin to Sanjiang Bus

Sanjiang, a county-level city neighboring Guilin, is home to Dong ethnic minority people. Located at the intersection of Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan province, the city has been the gathering place for Dong people in the whole region. It is the perfect place to discover their traditions and culture. The most typical things are drum towers, Wind and Rain Bridge, traditional shops selling all kinds crafts and clothes.


It is about 150 km from Guilin to Sanjiang. Few direct buses are available per day but all is cancelled during covid-19 pandemic. Possible option is taking bus from Guilin to Longsheng, then connect to Sanjiang. For travelers, train travel is more convenient with only 40 minutes ride on the bullet trains. Or you can book private transfer to stop at Longsheng to visit the amazing terraces fields and small villages, as scenery is always on the way.


Longsheng Bus Station:

Add: No.1, Qingxin Road,Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi

Tel: 0773-7512239


Sanjiang Hedong Bus Station:

Add: No.51,Yagu Road, Sanjiang County, Liuzhou, Guangxi

Tel: 0772-8617786

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