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Guilin Huixian Mirror Paddy Fields

Mia Guilin Travel Guide 2023-05-01

Mirror Paddy Fields Introduction


Name: Huixian Mirror Paddy Fileds (会仙玻璃田)

Location: Muhuantou Village, Huixian, Guilin

Admission fee: 20 CNY per person

Recommended duration of visit: 1 hour


Huixian Mirror Paddy Fields, nestled in the picturesque Muhuantou Village of Huixian Town in the Lingshan District, 31 km south of Guilin City, is a highly sought-after spot for both photographers and tourists alike. It stands out as one of the most distinctive and captivating attractions within the vast Huixian Wetland Park. The rice paddies of Huixian are famous for their unique water-filled design that creates a mirror-like reflection of the surrounding scenery. During springtime, the rice paddies are particularly breathtaking, reflecting the colorful rooftops of the nearby villages and limestone hills. In October, the rice paddies turn a striking yellow, which is another great time to visit.


To capture the perfect shot, climb up to the top of Shilu Mountain in Muhuantou Village. The stairs installed in 2021 have made the ascent easier, and from the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the terraces and the surrounding mountains. For an even more stunning view, make a reservation to see the sunrise.



Plan a tour to Huixian Mirror Paddy Fields

As an iconic photo taken point, it is advisable to spare two hours to visit the Mirror Paddy Fields in the morning, before heading to Yangshuo, or going to the airport at the end of your tour.  If time permits for a day trip, consider combining a visit to Huixian Rice Terraces with a trip to Huixian Wetland Park. Wake up early to catch the sunrise at the rice terraces, enjoy some local farmhouse dishes at noon, visit the local villages to learn about the local people's lives, and then take a boat tour of Huixian Wetland Park in the afternoon, culminating in watching the sunset from Longshan Mountain. Customize it based on a photography tour in Guilin: 6 Days Guilin Photography Trip



How to get to Huixian Mirror Paddy Fields

Suggestions are reference for independent travelers. To get to Huixian Rice Paddies, take Bus 106 from Guilin City, walk 3km to the destination, then take a motorcycle ride to Muhuantou Village. Alternatively, you can take a taxi directly from Guilin, but remember to book a round-trip to avoid any inconvenience. Check out a private transfer with ETripChina. Check out: Private Transfers and Car Hiring Services

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