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Guilin to Fenghuang Bus

Fenghuang is one of the three best-preserved ancient cities in China. The other two is Lijiang and Pingyao Town. Fenghuang Ancient Town is a popular destination for Chinese and it is getting known to overseas travelers as a good add-on for Zhangjiajie tour. Located in the mountainous region of Hunan, Fenghuang is not well-connected with the outside. When planning your trip from Guilin to Fenghuang, please note that there is no direct train between these two popular cities. A connection at Changsha or Liuzhou is needed.


Bus ride from Guilin to Fenghuang is available now with one departure per day from Guilin Qintan Bus station at 12:45pm. The one from Fenghuang to Guilin departs at 11:00am. The whole journey is around 6 hours. If you can tolerate a long road journey, it is more convenient than taking connecting trains, up and down the stations with your luggage.


By the end of Jan. 2021, there is no e-ticket available for passport holders to take bus from Guilin. This situation might be changed quickly when booking system is updated. We offer bus ticket booking for our tour groups. Drop us a message at if any Guilin tours are interesting to you.



Regarding the language barrier, please find sentences below that may help you:

I will go to Fenghuang Ancient City. Please remind me to get off.


I want to visit the Fenghuang Ancient City, could you tell me where to take the bus?


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