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The best sunrise and sunset points in Guilin

Mia Guilin Travel Guide 2023-05-06

Guilin is a popular destination for sunrise and sunset photography because of its breathtaking natural beauty, particularly the karst landscape that has been shaped over thousands of years. The stunning scenery, including mist-shrouded hills, crystal-clear waters, and unique rock formations, is accentuated by the soft light of dawn, making it an ideal location for photography 

enthusiasts. Additionally, Guilin's convenient location and tourist friendly facilities make it easily accessible to travelers from all over the world.


Sunrise at Xianggong Mountain

Located on the western bank of the Li River in Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Xianggong Mountain is a popular destination to witness the breathtaking sunrise. Its light and shadow, sea of clouds, and sunrise have mesmerized numerous photography enthusiasts. From the peak, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the orderly arrangement of peaks and the Li River flowing amidst the mountains, creating an incredibly beautiful landscape painting. It's best to arrive early in the morning, around 4-5 am, to catch the sunrise at its best. With a camera and tripod, visitors can capture stunning views of the Li River, surrounding mountains, and the sun rising above the horizon.

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Sunrise at Longji Rice Terraces Fields

Terraced fields offer a wonderful opportunity to witness a picturesque sunrise, especially during the early hours of the morning when a thin layer of mist envelops the surrounding mountains. As the sun rises from the east, the terraced fields present an organized pattern that is a treat to the eyes, with colors that even artists would want to study. It's an excellent choice to indulge in outdoor activities such as sketching, painting, or photography at this serene location.

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Li River morning cruise to catch up the sunrise moment

Experience the tranquility of the Li River on a morning cruise. As the bamboo raft sails along, the serene waters reflect the stunning mountain scenery. This peacefulness is not often felt during regular hours, making the experience all the more special. Along the way, take in the essence of the most scenic spots, including Yuanbao Mountain, Huangbu Reflection, and Jiuma Drawing Mountain.

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Sunrise and sunset at Yao Mountain in the suburb of Guilin

Yaoshan is renowned for its ever-changing and colorful scenery throughout the four seasons. It used to be one of Guilin's "Eight Great Sights". Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist attraction. Whenever the weather is favorable, the mountaintop offers the best vantage point to view the sunrise and sunset.



Sunset view at Cuiping Hill in Yangshuo

Cuiping, also known as Wuzhi Mountain, is located in Cuiping Village, Putao Town, 17 kilometers away from Yangshuo County. It's an ideal tourist destination to admire the mountain and pastoral scenery, as well as capture the beauty of the sunset. Climbing to the top of Cuiping Mountain, you can enjoy the sunset and evening glow in the distance. The sunlight shines through the clouds and illuminates the idyllic scenery like a paradise: winding streams in the countryside below, green fields crisscrossing, and villages hidden among the lush trees with blue-brick houses and curling smoke rising from the roofs.

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Damianshan Sunrise view

 The Li River Scenic Area in Yangshuo County is famous for its mesmerizing karst landscapes, which have inspired countless poets and writers throughout history. To witness the stunning scenery of the First Bend of the Li River, visitors must climb Damian Mountain, which offers a more challenging ascent than Xianggong Mountain, but with a more rewarding view. The summit is a photographer's paradise, especially for capturing the sunrise, with the circular river bay and Brocken spectre effect creating a truly unforgettable sight. In 2017, Spanish photographer Jesus M Garcia won the Epson International Panorama Photography Competition with his breathtaking photo of a sunrise on Damian Mountain.

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