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Kids-Friendly Travel in Guilin

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Different from metropolis bursting with skyscrapers and engineering marvels, Guilin is well known for its natural wonders of Li River, aged Rice Terraces fields, erected mountains and scenic lakes. There are so many funny things to do with nature like biking, hiking, rafting and mountain climbing from easy to medium level. Kids can also touch local culture and traditions by tasting of short courses or family visit. Below is hand-picked list of kids-friendly tours, hotels, things to do and tips for travel with kids in Guilin.

Best Family Tours in Guilin

1.    5 Days Guilin Family Tour – Highly recommended with all classic sites in the area including Li River Cruise, Longji Rice Terrace with short hikes, cycling experience, bamboo rafting and cooking courses. Tour can be customized according kids age.

2.    5 Days Guilin Bike Tour – suitable for age 12+. Guilin has some of the best biking trails over China through the scenic area to the countryside at easy level.    

3.    Guilin Walking Tour to Elephant Trunk Hill, Four Lakes, Solitary Beauty Hill and Diecai Hill – a fun and active way to see central of Guilin with guide. It includes not only the scenic spot, but also interesting back streets full of local things to feast kid’s curiosity. 

4.      Car Services only for 2-5 days – if you would like your children to be involved as much in the trip planning, discovering and organizing, our car services with English-speaking driver guide is perfectly suitable for you as Guilin’s neighborhood spread out.

 Best Things to do with kids in Guilin

1.    Li River Cruise – all age

2.    Longji Rice Terraces – all age

3.    Boat Trip of Two Rivers and Four Lakes – all age

4.    Bamboo Rafting and Countryside View – 1.2 meters+

5.    Rock climbing – age 5+

6.    Xingping Fishing Village and Cormorant Fishing

7.    Daxu Ancient Town and Biking Trip -

8.    Calligraphy and Painting Courses – age 6+

9.    Cooking Classes – age 10+

10.  Reed Flute Cave – age 3+

11.  Seven Star Park – all age

12.  Elephant Trunk Hill – all age

13.  Fobo Mountain - age 6+

14.  Helicopter Experience and view from the above - age 6+

15.  Huaqiao Museum and Exhibition – age

16.  Campus Visit and Student Communication

Popular Family Hotels in Guilin

When travelling with kids, you will spend quite a bit of time in the hotel. Finding a kids-friendly hotel is a key point to make a great family vacation. We make a list from the range of the options in Guilin area that offer kid-friendly amenities, fun activities to children, some with children supervision services or good location.

List of luxury hotels in Guilin, Yangshuo, Xingping

  1. Club Med Guilin (suburb of Guilin) – a luxury all-inclusive resorts offering a plenty of sports, creative activities and games to adults and children age 2 to 17. Besides, the temporary sculptures and scenic landscape are very impressive.

  2. Shangri-La Hotel Guilin (center of Guilin) – a luxury 5-star hotel located in the center of Guilin looking over the picturesque Li River and Diecai Mountain. It owns an 11,000-sqm garden equipped with recreational facilities including a Kids Club, an Organic Farm, a Game Lounge and a Mini Zoo making it an interesting hotel for children.

  3. Royal Garden Guilin (center of Guilin) – luxury boutique hotel. It offers basic amenities including family room and outdoor pool. It is great for children that the hotel next to a botanic Garden, and the largest amusement park in Guilin, as well as a shopping center.

  4. XY Yun House (Xingping Town of Yangshuo) – boutique eco-resort. It offers family rooms and children club center. The hotels rooms are renovated from some old farm houses of local village making it zero distance to authentic local culture.

  5. Amari Hotel Yangshuo (center of Yangshuo) –luxury and international brand. Besides the family room amenities, the hotel offers various kinds of Asian food and children’s club services. And it enjoys a great location next to the West Street.

  6.  Banyan Tree Yangshuo (suburb of Yangshuo town) – luxury brand resort.  The hotel has the best facilities and amenities in the area, awesome services, and number of activities to adults and kids (extra cost) including biking to countryside, rafting along Yulong River nearby, cormorant fishing show, painting courses. Etc.

List of valuable hotels in Guilin, Yangshuo

  • 隐源居 (Guilin) –

  • Waterfall Hotel Guilin (city center) –

  • Eva Inn (Guilin city center) –

  • Snow Lion Hotel (suburb of Yangshuo) -


When to visit Guilin with Kids

From May to early November, of course, have the nicest weather but will also be the busiest time to visit especially from July to August which is the summer holiday time for Chinese students.

March to April is the rainy season with acceptable temperature.

December to February are the coldest months here but quiet with few groups.


Public Services

  1.  Public Buses – Guilin has over 80 public bus routes in and around the city but still not conveniently link the sightseeing places those are spread out including the cruise pier, Reed Flute Cave, Yangdi Dock, Xingping Town, places in Yangshuo and Longji Rice Terraces. Private car services is strongly recommend in Guilin area for family with kids.

  2. Toilets – parks and streets have public toilets. All museums, department stores, restaurants and hotels, etc. have toilets for public uses. Tissue is usually not provided except the luxury hotels or restaurants.

  3.   Mother and Baby room is available only at large department stores, train stations and airport.

  4.  Hospital and medical care – for medical emergencies, call 120. Hospital in Guilin area provide 24 hours emergency care includes: 

  5. Guilin People’s Hospital (桂林人民医院) -It is located in the city center, very near to Guilin Waterfall Hotel, Guilin Eva Inn, Sheraton Guilin Hotel. English-speaking service available. 

    Address: 12, Wenming Road, Guilin桂林市文明路12号

  6. Yangshuo People’s Hospital (阳朔人民医院) – in the center of Yangshuo, near West Street

    Address: 21, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo 阳朔镇城中路21号

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