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Chengdu to Daocheng Bus

  • Bus Routes: Chengdu-Daocheng (One way)

  • Boarding at: Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station

  • Stopping at: Daocheng Bus Station

  • Travel Time: around12 hours

  • Ticket Type: E-ticket

  • Ticket cost: US$ 38

  • Service fee: US$ 5 per ticket

  • ETripChina will confirm the booking via email maximum to 12 hours

Chengdu to Daocheng Bus Introduction:

Daocheng, with Yading as the core of the Daocheng Shangri-La Eco-Tourism Area, gathers the magnificent landscapes like snow mountains, glaciers, lakes, grasslands, waterfalls and so on, it’s known as "the Soul of Shangri-La in China", "the Last Piece of Pure Land on the Blue Planet.”

Daocheng County is located in the southwest edge of Sichuan province, in the south of Ganzi Prefecture, and the southeast of Qinghai Tibet plateau, east of Hengduan Mountains. It belongs to Kangba Tibetan area of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Daocheng scenic spots are concentrated in three areas: Yading Nature Reserve, Daocheng County and its surrounding areas. The White Tower in Daocheng is magnificent and sacred. Bang River and Sela Scenic Resort are famous for the Sela Morning Fog, and Bang Riverside Sunset. The Haizi Mountain to the north, the Rubuchaka Hot Spring to the east and the thousands of hectares Poplar Grove to the south, those all make visitors linger, enchanted. Most tourists choose to take a break in Daocheng County on the day arrival, and then head to Yading Scenic Spot next day. There are three holy peaks in Yading: Xiannaiyi, Yangmaiyong, Mount Chanadorje (Xianuoduoji), and three crystal clear seas around: Pearl Sea, Five Colors Sea and Milk Sea.

There’re buses running from Daocheng Bus Station to Xiangcheng, Yajiang, Ya’an, Kangding, Shangri-La, Xindu, Chengdu and other surrounding counties and urban areas. Meanwhile, there are direct tourist buses to Daocheng scenic spots.

Usually the bus journey takes about 12 hours, and the bus departs from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station in the early morning around 06:30AM. 

  1. Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station:

    Add: No.57 Linjiang Road, Xinnanmen, Wuhou District, Chengdu City

    Tel: 028-85433609

  2. Daocheng Bus Station:

    Add: No. 216 Provincial Highway, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Daocheng County, Sichuan Province

    Tel: 0836-5728565

More About the Distance:

  1. From Daocheng Bus Station to Yading Nature Reserve: 78kilomiters, 1 hour and 30minutes by bus.

  2. From Daocheng Bus Station to the Haizi Mountain: 62kilomiters, 1hour by bus.

  3. From Daocheng Bus Station to Rubuchaka Hot Spring: 6kilomiters, 12minutes by bus.


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