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Shanghai to Huangshan Bus

  • Bus Routes: Shanghai-Huangshan (One way)

  • Boarding at: Pudong Long Distance East Bus Station/Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station/Shanghai Hutai Road Bus Station/ Shanghai North Bus Station

  • Stopping at: Tunxi or Tunxi Bus Station

  • Travel Time: around 5 hours

  • Ticket Type: E-ticket

  • Ticket cost: US$ 18-20

  • Service fee: US$ 5 per ticket

  • ETripChina will confirm the booking via email maximum to 12 hours

 Shanghai to Huangshan Bus Introduction:

Mountain Huangshan, as the most fantastic mountain under heaven, is in south of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. there are 72 peaks, the main peak Lotus Peak is 1864 meters above sea level, and Guangming Peak, Tiandu Peak as the three main peaks of Huangshan and one of the 36 peaks. Huangshan is the symbol of Anhui tourism, is China's top ten scenic spots only mountain scenery. There are five unique landscapes in Mount Huangshan are: wondrous pines, picturesque rocks, the sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. Besides, Tunxi Old Street in Huangshan city and Hui restaurant as well as Four Treasures of the Study, those with a long history, are the best thing to learn about Mount Huangshan and Huizhou culture.

Tunxi Bus Station is also called Huangshan Bus Station, the Shanghai to Huangshan bus journey takes about 5 hours, within 395kilomiters away from each other.

After arrival at the Tunxi Bus Station, there’re direct buses running from Tunxi Bus Station to Huangshan Scenic Area (Huangshan or Tangkou Transfer Center) every 5 minutes, with 1 hour driving time and distance of 54kilomoters. On arrival at the Huangshan (Tangkou) Transfer Center, then take the Huangshan Scenic Shuttle Bus to the Entrance (foot) of Huangshan Scenic Area and start to explore the Huangshan Scenic Area by cable car or hiking.

Besides, there’re famous and popular tourist attractions around Huangshan Scenic Area, like Xidi Village, Hongcun Village, Qiyunshan, Tangyue Arch Way and ancient Huizhou dwellings and ancestral temples etc., those are wonderful attractions to experience Huizhou history and culture. However, buses are not so conveniently to connect these sites. We could provide private car transfer services from which offers you a smoothly tour.

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  1. Pudong Long Distance East Bus Station:

    Add: No.3843, South Pudong Road, Pudong District

    Tel: 021-58836764

  2.   Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station:

    Add: No.666, Shilong Road, Xuhui District

    Tel: 021-962168/54353838

  3. Shanghai Hutai Road Bus Station

    Add: No.1015, Zhongshanbei Road, Jingan Dist., Shanghai

    Tel: 021- 962168

  4. Shanghai North Bus Station

    Add: No.1717, Jiangchangxi Road, Shanghai

    Tel: 021- 962168

  5. Tunxi (Huagshan) Bus Station:

    Add: No.31, Qiyun Avenue, Tunxi District, Huangshan City

    Tel: 0559-2566666;0559-2353952;0559-2558358

  6. Huangshan (Tangkou) Transfer Center:

    Add: No.205, Tangchuan Road, next to the Entrance of Huangshan Scenic Area

    Tel: 0559-5572602;0559-5572610

 More about the Distance:

  1. From Tunxi Bus Station to Huangshan North Railway Staiton: 12kilomiters, 18 minutes driving time.

  2. From Tunxi Bus Station to Xidi Village: 47kilomiters, 55minutes’ driving time.

  3. From Tunxi Bus Station to Hongcun Village: 56kilomiters, 1 hour’s driving time.

  4. From Tunxi Bus Station to Huizhou Ancient Town: 31kilomiters, 42 mminutes’ driving time.

  5. From Tunxi Bus Station to Tangyue Arch Way: 31kilomiters, 42 mminutes’ driving time.

  6. From Tunxi Bus Station to Jiangxi Wuyuan Town: 83kilomiters, 1hour’s driving time.

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