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China Bus Tickets Booking FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions for China bus tickets booking. When planning your bus journey in China, look for some ideas like how to book bus tickets, the conditions and how the bus journey is.

Current Situation of China Bus Ticket Online Booking

ETripChina is the first platform providing China bus ticket booking services for English-speaking travelers. We provide bus information all over China including station name, address, departure time and real time availability. However, different from China Trains, bus stations are operated by local companies and only parts of them have the capability to offer online booking for passport holders, including cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces.

ETripChina has been working to keep up the data and serve for more travelers to China.

How to Book Bus Tickets Online

Input destinations in searching box and follow the instructions to complete booking (online payment is recommended to shorten communication time especially for urgent booking).

ETripChina collets your information and ticket immediately or late to 7-10 days prior to departure time.

E-ticket number and further details will be sent to you via email. Please do keep your email accessible after inquiry (payment).

Tickets for Children and Others with Special Requests

No children tickets for online booking. Every kid has to pay adult rate to require a seat.

Buses ride requires a few steps up and down but suitable for and wheel chair is not suitable to carry on but to be folded into the luggage space.

When Can I Get My ticket after payment?

ETripChina will issue the tickets for you 7-10 days prior to departure time depends on ticket policy of each station.

How Much Time the Bus Ride Take

Land transport is likely to be affected by traffic and weather condition. The approx. arrival time is given according to 80km per hour for your reference only. It is wisely to arrange a flexible travel on your arrival date.

When to Pick up My Paper Ticket

Once you received the e-ticket from us, you can collect the paper tickets from departure bus station. But you don’t need to go twice as ticket is guaranteed under your name unless time permit.

Why There Is No Arrival Station Listed on the Searching Results

Due to the limits of info given by bus station, currently there is no arrival station shown on the searching results.

Direct Bus and Non-direct Bus

Almost of the buses selling online are direct buses without stopover to picking up and dropping off passengers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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