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Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan

Mia 2023-05-10

Mount Qingcheng Introduction

Mount Qingcheng is a sacred mountain in Taoism and a birthplace of this philosophy in China. It boasts notable landmarks such as the Jianfu Palace, the Tianran Tuqiang, and the Tianshi Cave with its statues of the "Celestial Master" Zhang Daoling and his descendant. The late Qing Dynasty temples on the mountain are grand, intricately carved, and contain valuable cultural relics and ancient trees.


Mount Qingcheng, situated 15 kilometers southwest of Dujiangyan City in western Sichuan Province, China, is renowned for its luxuriant foliage and evergreen vegetation, earning it the title of "world's most tranquil and secluded place." This mountain not only attracts tourists but is also a sought-after destination for those seeking solace and meditation. Over the years, this place has been graced by numerous literati and ink artists who have left behind valuable calligraphic works, thus augmenting the mountain's cultural heritage. Among these, the countless couplets are especially noteworthy, not only for their praise of Mount Qingcheng's beauty but also for their expression of Taoist ideas and classics.


The architectural marvels on Mount Qingcheng showcase the Taoist philosophy of revering nature, adopting traditional techniques that are symmetrically arranged along the central axis while ingeniously blending with the terrain and landforms. The decorations embody Taoism's quest for auspiciousness, longevity, and transcendence, adding historical and artistic value to the study of ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy.



Plan a trip to Mount Qingcheng

Trip to Mount Qingcheng is usually combined with nearby sights of Panda Park and Dujiangyan. Recommended itinerary is:


Day 1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan Scenic Area - Qingcheng Mountain. Stay overnight at hotel in Qingcheng Mountain area. 

Day 2: Hotel - Wake up naturally and enjoy a leisurely morning - Dujiangyan Panda Park - Transfer to airport based on flight time.


Check out the tours from Chengdu including Mount Qingcheng: Chengdu Tours, Vacations, Day Trips. Or simply request a customize via the below question form.



Travel Tips for visiting Mount Qingcheng

1.  When deciding between Mount Emei and Mount Qingcheng, it all depends on the type of tour you're looking for. For those seeking a spiritual experience, Mount Emei is known as the dojo of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, while Mount Qingcheng is a sacred mountain in Taoism and the birthplace of this philosophy in China.

However, if you're planning a sightseeing tour, Mount Emei has a higher reputation, especially for its breathtaking sunrise, sunset, and sea of clouds.

2.  Qingcheng Mountain tour is divided into the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain has many Taoist temples, with a better view from the mountain top. The duration of the visit is 2-3 hours, suitable for tourism and sightseeing. The back mountain is more suitable for outdoor hiking, leisure and summer vacation. The duration of the visit is 4-6 hours, so locals tend to choose the back mountain more.


Transport for independent travel to Mount Qingcheng

Bus: Tourist shuttle buses depart daily from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station and Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station to Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng.


High-speed Train: 15 pairs of high-speed trains run daily from Chengdu to Dujiangyan Railway Station. The fastest train to Mount Qingcheng takes only 30 minutes, and the slowest train takes 50 minutes. After arriving at Qingchengshan Station, take bus 101 directly to the scenic area (Mount Qingcheng front mountain), which is about 1-2 km away.

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