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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Mia 2023-05-08

Introduction of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


Name in Chinese: 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地

Location: 10 km north of Chengdu

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00 (ticket sales end at 17:00)

Duration of visit: one day

Entrance fee: CNY55

Best time to visit: 09:00-11:00 (feeding time)


Chengdu's giant pandas have become the symbol of tourism not just in the city, but throughout the whole province of Sichuan. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (short for Panda Base) is the top destination to see pandas while visiting Chengdu.


Panda base is world-renowned for the relocation and protection, scientific research, public education, and educational tourism of giant pandas. Located about 10 kilometers from the city center and over 30 kilometers from the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the base covers an area of 1,000 acres and is home to endangered wild animals like giant pandas and red pandas. Established in 1997, the base has grown to cover 3,570 acres and is divided into multiple areas, including the giant panda maternity ward, research center, and panda hospital. The base uses landscaping techniques to simulate the giant panda's natural environment, and visitors can see several luxury panda "houses" scattered throughout the forest. In 2020, the giant panda population at the base reached 215, making it the world's largest captive giant panda breeding population.

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Visiting routes in the Panda base

A recommended classic visiting route begins and ends at the South Gate, with an approximate duration of 2.5 hours.


South Gate - Sub -adult Panda Enclosure - Giant Panda Cub Enclosure - Sun Nursery House - Moon Nursery House - No 2 House for Giant Panda - Giant Panda Nursery Facilties - No, 1House for Giant Pandas - No.14 Enclosure - Giant Panda Museum - South Gate


Which sights are the most popular at the Panda Base?

 No.1 & No. 2 House for Giant Pandas. These houses are the living and activity areas for adult pandas, where visitors can observe pandas in various daily activities, including playing, eating, and sleeping. Each day and even at different times, the pandas in the houses might be different. The "Today's Guests" display board in the house shows the panda information for the day.


Many pandas at Chengdu Panda Base have become mini celebrities on the internet, with thousands of fans following them online. Do not miss the chance to see these viral stars in person. The most popular panda 2023 at Chengdu base is Huahua (花花).


The Moon and Sun Delivery Rooms are home to pregnant giant pandas and their newborn and young cubs. This area is the most popular attraction for tourists visiting the base. The panda cubs in these rooms are typically 3-4 months old, and visitors could only have the chance to get up close to these newborn pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base.


Tips for visiting Chengdu Panda Base

1.   The Chengdu Panda Base is expansive and requires more than four hours of walking to explore completely. Opting for a leisurely walk around the park is a good idea if you have ample time and the weather is good. Alternatively, you can take the sightseeing car inside the scenic area to save time. The sightseeing car tickets cost 10 yuan per person, and it offers frequent trips, reaching all the attractions within the park.

2.   The giant pandas are fed between 9:00-11:00 am every day, and tourists who wish to witness the keepers feeding them should make sure not to miss this time frame.

3.   There are two places to see pandas outside of Chengdu: Bi Feng Xia Giant Panda Base in Ya'an and the Shenshuping Panda Base in Dujiangyan's Wolong National Nature Reserve.

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