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Dujiangyan Irrigation System in Sichuan

Mia 2023-05-10

Introduction of Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Name in Chinese: 都江堰

Ticket price: CNY 80

Recommended tour time: 3-4 hours

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Location: 55 kilometers northwest away from Chengdu


The Dujiangyan Irrigation System is a remarkable feat of engineering that has stood the test of time for over two thousand years. Located in the western part of Dujiangyan City in Sichuan, this ancient water conservation system has been recognized as a "treasure of Zhenchuan" and "a unique wonder for all ages."


The story of Dujiangyan begins with Li Bing and his son, who used fire to destroy the Jade Gate Pass and tame the untamed waters of the Minjiang River. The result was a system of levees, weirs, and diversion channels that transformed the flood-prone plains of western Sichuan into a fertile land of plenty that never suffered from hunger.


What sets Dujiangyan apart from other water conservation systems is its unique approach to water diversion. Instead of relying on dams, the system takes advantage of the region's unique geography, with high elevations in the northwest and low elevations in the southeast. This allows for the channelling and diversion of water without the need for a dam, relying instead on self-flow irrigation. The result is a comprehensive system that ensures the full benefits of flood control, irrigation, water transport, and social water use.


Since the completion of the Dujiangyan project, the Chengdu Plain has flourished, with economic and cultural development greatly benefiting from the project. Today, Dujiangyan is known as the "living water conservancy museum," the world's oldest and only surviving grand water conservancy project that features no dam diversion.


What makes Dujiangyan truly remarkable is its commitment to preserving natural resources and utilizing them to serve human needs. This approach has turned a potential threat into a source of prosperity, achieving a high degree of harmony and unity between people, land, and water. Dujiangyan is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of ancient engineers, and it continues to inspire awe and admiration today.



Plan a trip to Dujiangyan irrigation system

Trip to Dujiangyan is usually combined with nearby sights of Panda Park and Qingcheng Mountain. Guided tour is recommended that can give you more information of the irrigation project. Classic itinerary can be:


Day 1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan Scenic Area (private tour with 1 guide) - Qingcheng Mountain

Explore the stunning Dujiangyan Scenic Area and Qingcheng Mountain with your own private tour guide, who will offer insightful commentary and personalized attention. Stay overnight at hotel in Qingcheng Mountain area.


Day 2: Hotel - Wake up naturally and enjoy a leisurely morning - Dujiangyan Panda Park - Transfer to airport based on flight time.

Take it easy and enjoy a restful morning in your hotel before visiting the adorable giant pandas at the Dujiangyan Panda Park. Then, based on your flight time, we will transfer you to the airport, ensuring a stress-free departure.


Check out the tours from Chengdu including Dujiangyan: Chengdu Tours, Vacations, Day Trips

Or simply request a customize via the below question form.



Transport tips for independent travel to Dujiangyan

If you prefer to travel by train, take the high-speed train from Chengdu Xipu Station to Lidui Park. The fare is 10 yuan, and it will take you around 30 minutes to reach your destination.


Alternatively, you can take a bus from Chadianzi Bus Station to Dujiangyan. The bus departs every day from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

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