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Seda Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute

Mia Guide to Western Sichuan 2023-05-17

Introduction of Seda Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute

Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute is situated in Larungou, Luoruo Township, Seda County, at an average altitude of 3,900 meters. It spans an area of 4 square kilometers, with the temple complex covering 2.35 square kilometers.  It is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist institutes in the world. The monks' residences, centered around the main assembly hall of the institute, densely cover the slopes in all directions. Countless small red wooden houses stretch endlessly, creating a spectacular view that seems to have no end. Several temples and Buddhist halls are scattered in the valley and on the mountain ridges, while not grand in scale, exhibit meticulous decoration and stunning beauty. This Buddhist institute has gained widespread recognition as a prominent tourist destination, celebrated for its unique Buddhist culture and exquisite architecture.


History of Larung Wuming Buddhist Institude

 In 1880, General De Jiangdoji established a Buddhist institute here, erecting the Nyingma sect's teaching and practice pavilion.


In 1980, under the guidance of the 1st Dzogchen Rinpoche, Penor Rinpoche, the 11th Panchen Lama, Jampa Trinley Chökyi Gyaltsen, founded a university for the unbiased study of Buddhism in the Larung Valley, Seda County, which is regarded as the place where the Great Secret Vehicle's Rainbow Body practice is performed. At that time, there were only around 30 people.


In 1987, the 10th Panchen Lama expressed his approval for the establishment of a Buddhist institute here and personally wrote a letter to the Seda County government, requesting support.


In 1993, Zhao Puchu, the President of the Buddhist Association of China, inscribed the name of the institute. In the same year, it was hailed as the "largest Buddhist institute in the world" by the American newspaper "World Journal".


In 1997, the Religious Affairs Bureau of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture submitted a request to the Religious Affairs Bureau of Sichuan Province, and the formal approval for the establishment of the "Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute" in Seda was granted.



Western Sichuan Tours including Seda

 Day 1 Chengdu to Maerkang to Guanyinqiao

Day 2 Guanyinqiao to Wenda to Seda - Sky Burial

Day 3 Seda - Wuming Buddhist Institute at Larong Temple

Day 4: Seda to Xinduqiao via Tagong - Tagong Monastery, Muya Golden Pagoda

Day 5: Xinduqiao to Chengdu


View more and customize it to your travel time and pace.


Travel tips for visiting Seda

1. To capture the panoramic view of the Buddhist institute, visit the southwestern slope of the prayer wheel pagoda. Registration is required to climb the mountain, and same-day descent is mandatory with no overnight stays allowed.

2. The Tancheng area is a must-see attraction known for its diverse mix of monks and devotees who come for prayer, prostration, and sky burial ceremonies. Seek permission before taking photos.

3.  Funeral ceremonies occur between 13:00 and 15:00 and prohibit photography and noise.

4.  The Wuming Buddhist Institute hosts four major annual ceremonies: Chiming, Vajrasattva, Samantabhadra Cloud Offering, and Amitabha Pure Land, each with varying dates in the Tibetan and Gregorian calendars.

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