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Huangshan Tours : Mountain, Village, Hiking Experience

Huangshan city, called Huizhou in ancient times, is a very popular tourist destination in middle China. The city is known to the world for the beauty of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Scenic Area), ancient Hui-style villages and architectures that are all on the list of world heritage sites. Huangshan and the surrounding area are surely paradise for culture and nature lovers. Try any of the hiking trails and soak in the spectacular view of the No. 1 mountain; Discover the profound Huizhou culture and art of their architectures; Experience local life in the tranquil villages. Put Huangshan on your plan list and enjoy a memorable China tour with ETripChina.

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How to Plan Huangshan Tours

With the opening of high-speed rail from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, Huangshan is much easier to reach than before. How to plan a visit covering Yellow Mountain, Hongcun, Xidi village and other places in the surrounding area? Please look for the rough ideas below or discuss with our experienced advisors by sending a simple inquiry.


How much time do you have in Huangshan?

The major spot -Yellow Mountain is 90 km from the city center, stations or airport, so Huangshan tour requires at least one full day. Samples like arrival in the morning, transfer to the mountain and stay overnight, then depart the next day.  


Three days and two nights will allow you a classic tour in Huangshan covering Yellow Mountain, Hongcun and Xidi village, as well as some culture experience like Toufu making.


For hiking and photography lovers, 4 or 5 days is recommended to go further to the dramatic West Canyon at Yellow Mountain, and some very picturesque villages like Mulihong, Tachuan, etc.


If you have one or two more days, an extension tour to Wuyuan or Jingdezhen is good choice. Wuyuan is famous for picturesque countryside beauty, especially the rapeseed flowers sea every April to May. Jingdezhen is the capital of ceramics.


When do you want to travel?

December to February can be depressingly cold but you might be rewarded with rime scenery of Yellow Mountain. West Sea Grand Canyon usually closes from December to March of the next year due to the snowy weather. Canyon hiking will be removed from winter travel itinerary. The other part is available year around except some extreme weather.


What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Varied accommodation choices are available in Huangshan city, but only few hotels on the mountain including Beihai, Shilin, Xihai and Paiyunlou hotel. Hotel room cost $150+ per night.


Estimated budget for hotels in Huangshan city: 3-star chain hotels cost $60-80 on average; 4 stars are $90-$120; 5 star $120-$200, luxury hotels are $200+.

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