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Chengdu Tours : Home of Giant Pandas

Located in Sichuan, southwest of China, Chengdu is known to the world as home of cute Giant Pandas. It also has reputation as a very laid-back and livable megacity, a paradise to taste Sichuan food and opera. Its profound historic relics are also big draw to visitors. Don’t miss the Sanxingdui museum, Dujiangyan Water System, Giant Buddha and Buddhist Temple at Emei Mountain, etc. The city is also a gate to the beautiful land of west Sichuan and Jiuzhai Valley. Tour from Chengdu to west of Sichuan are most favored by photographers and nature lovers.

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How to Plan Chengdu Tours

Chengdu makes a good base for exploring Sichuan region. There are many historic sites scatter in the surrounding of the city. It is also gate way to the west Sichuan and Jiuzhai valley. Follow our itineraries listed above or tailor make a tour starting from the tips below.

How much time do you have in Chengdu?

One full day spared from your business or holding 24-hour free transit visa, focus on the city’s highlights – Panda Base and the Giant Buddha in Leshan or city attractions.


Three days and two nights is a very classic itinerary in Chengdu. You could add in a leisure afternoon in the city sipping a cup of tea at tea house like locals, tasting the various flavors at Jinli street, enjoying an evening show featuring mask changing.


If you have 4-5 days (144 Visa Free visit), base your tour in Chengdu and take excursion to Emei Mountain, as well as insight culture discovery of Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain or Sanxingdui Museum.   

When do you want to travel?

Chengdu is suitable for travel all year around. If during public holidays, side trip to Mount Emei is not recommended.


What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Chengdu is one of the most visited cities in China offering many choices of accommodations. We have a list of hotel catering for family visitors, honeymooners, kid-friendly travelers, luxury brand lovers as well as those on business trips.


Estimated budget for hotels in Chengdu city: 3-star chain hotels cost $70-90 on average; 4 stars are $90-$120; 5 star $1520-$200, luxury hotels are $200+.


How to get to Chengdu?

Chengdu is an important entry port for international flights in southwest of China. The city is also well connected with all big cities by flight and trains. It is only 1-hour journey to Chongqing, the starting point of Yangtze Cruise, 3 hours to Xian-ancient capital, 3.5 hours further south to Guiyang and 5 hours to Kunming. Chengdu has frequent buses to the towns and villages of Sichuan. We are being the No. 1 offering online bus tickets booking for passport holders. 

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