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Best of China : First Timer Tours

China is a vast land with so many fabulous destinations to discover and things to do. It's hard to experience all a in a short stay. When planning your first visit to China, you may focus on the country’s highlights and essentials. we have planned a series of classic tours showcasing you the best of China, with different destinations, 7 to 15 days, on your interests and budget. Travel from the capital city of Beijing in the north to the oriental pearl of Hong Kong; Discover China’s civilization in central cities of Datong, Pingyao, Xian; Enjoy the cultural diversity and landscape in southwest of China; Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery in Guilin, Yangshuo, Huangshan, Hangzhou in the south of China. Find out some perfect itineraries that were favored by our former customers.

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How to Plan Best of China

Planning your tour to China

For all first timers to China, it is suggested to take worry-free and hassle-free escorted tour. Here are some general ideas to know before enjoying the best of China.

China visa?

China visa exemption policy covers 24-hour direct transit visa (all countries), 72-hour or 144-hour visa-free transit (53 countries’ passport holders), and citizens of Japanese, Singaporean, Qatari and Bruneian, etc. Please check with Chinese embassy or consulate in charge of your residence district whether you meet China visa exemption requirements and apply China visa if needed.


Which destinations?

The most classic tour for first timers always includes Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. For culture lovers, longer vacations can extent to Datong, Pingyao on the route from Beijing to Xian; Yellow Mountain near Shanghai;Guilin, Zhangjiajie and Hong Kong in the southern China; Harbin for winter tour; Outdoor lovers can add in Sichuan or Yunnan in the southwest; Discovery of the history and Buddhist art along the Silk Road.  

1. Beijing - Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven.

2. Xian - Ancient City Wall, Terra Cotta Army and Chinese culture civilization.

3. Guilin - Li River, countryside beauty, rice terraces fields.

4. Shanghai - east coastal city, most prosperous face of China.

5. Datong - Yungang Grottoes, Hangying Monastery, Temple clusters at Wutai.

6. Sichuan - giant pandas, Buddha at Leshan.

7. Yunnan - the most geographic and ethnically diverse area in China.

8. Silk Road - cities of Lanzhou, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar.

9. Tibet - unique high plateau landscape and Buddhist culture.

10. Harbin - fairyland in winter.

Where to stay?

The major cities are very tourist friendly with varied accommodation options from chain hotels, to boutique hotel and luxury brand. We will help you to find the most suitable one based on your interests and budget plan.

What type of transport?

We use different type of vehicles for ground transfers depending on your group size.

For inter-city transport, you can always choose from trains and flights. High-speed trains reach all major cities and many small towns as well. It takes only 4.5 hours from Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Xian.

Plan Your Trip to China