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Chongqing Tours : Port city of Yangtze River

Occupying a large area and densely populated, Chongqing is one of the five municipalities in China and a very important city in southwest China. Located on the edge of Yangtze, it is the boarding and landing port for cruises on Yangtze. Chongqing is also a very beautiful mountain city with layers of buildings from riverside to mountains. The city’s most visited sights are Erling Hill - for a panorama of the city, the ancient village of Ciqikou - prosperous street of the former pier, Sanxia Museum – story of the construction of Three Gorges Dam. The city is well connected to all other big cities with bullet train and flight. Take a glimpse of the city before or after your Yangtze Cruise or book a worry-free transfer only with ETripChina.

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How to Plan Chongqing Tours

Chongqing city is a shining city on the upper Yangtze and usually a part of a Yangtze Cruise Tour. A short guided-tour in Chongqing or at least airport – pier transfer is recommended to guarantee you a smooth cruise Tour. Find out the ideas below to choose wisely from the tour list.


How much time do you have in Chongqing?

One full day spared from your business, holding 24-hour free transit visa, or a short stay before or after your cruise journey, focus on the city’s highlights – Erling Park, Ciqikou Old Town, Hangying Cave etc.


For two days and one night, you could add in one day to the Dazu Grottoes which is a shining pearl of China’s Buddhis Culture. 

When do you want to travel?

You can visit Chongqing for 4 seasons. But if you are planning a Yangtze Cruise together, please note that cruises available once a week from Dec to early March. Trip advisor will give you up-to-date info.

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Chongqing has plenty of accommodation choices the same as other big cities of China. The Yangtze Cruise Ships usually refers to the luxury ships for tourists only including the Victoria Series, Gold Series, Century ships and President Series. We have Yangtze cruise pages introducing all the tourist ships running on Yangtze.


Estimated budget for hotels: 3-star chain hotels cost $90-1020 on average; 4 stars are $120-$150; 5 star $150-$250, luxury hotels are $250+.


How to get to Chongqing?

Chongqing is well connected by flights to all other big cities including Lhasa, Tibet. Bullet trains from north and east meet here and onto Chengdu. Tourist ships and traffic boat start here down to Yichang, Wuhan and Shanghai.

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