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Zhangjiajie Tours : Travel to the avatar mountains

Located in the remote area of southern China, Zhangjiajie has been one of the popular destinations for domestic nature and outdoor lovers. In 2009, Zhangjiajie was widely known to the world as the show of movie “Avatar” which was said to be inspired by the craggy sandstone peaks in the Park. Tours we designed cover Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan National Forest Park where the “Avatar Mountains” locate. Many would also try a walk over the world’s longest glass bridge and adventure to the Grand Canyon. Book a private tour or join in a budget coach tour to fulfill a dream of Zhangjiajie. 

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How to Plan Zhangjiajie Tours

The above itineraries are all well-designed based on our own experiences and feedback from our customers. We can go further to tailor make depending on your travel time, interests and budget.

How much time do you have in Zhangjiajie?

Due to its mountainous geography, Zhangjiajie is quite isolated to the other big cities. Two days one night is a basic planning to enjoy the best of the landscape. Three full days tour is the most classic one to soak up the beauty of landscape and challenge some of the outdoor activities.   

When do you want to travel?

Zhangjiajie National Park is open all year around except some rare occasions with heavy snow. If you prefer comfortable trip with less tourists, then avoid Chinese holidays - the Spring Festival (usually in January or February, the date changes according to the lunar calendar), Labor Day (May 1-3) and the National holiday (October 1-7).

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Choices of accommodation in Zhangjiajie area are not many up to now. Depart from that, the scenic area is far from the city center and each other, choose a suitable hotel according to the itinerary is important. We have carefully chosen a list according to the trips and trip advisors will give more details on requests.  


Estimated budget for hotels in Yunnan city: 3-star chain hotels cost $70-90 on average; 4 stars are $90-$120; 5 star $1520-$200, resorts are $200+.

How to get to Zhangjiajie?

Zhangjiajie airport is quite small one with only direct flight to the big cities of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu etc. Flight schedule changes at low season. Check temperate info with us or check on our flight pages. Fortunately, the city has bullet train connections to the nearest big city – Changsha, by the end of 2019. Then it is much easier to connect to all the other parts of China than ever.

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