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Nature and Outdoor Experience :

China has diverse landscapes and many outdoor gems. We look all over the country to find best places to access for nature lovers. Top on the long list of outdoor activities are Great Wall hiking in Beijing, canyon adventure in Huangshan, avatar mountain exploring in Zhangjiajie, nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou, desert surfing, horse riding in Inner Mongolian and Xinjiang, biking in Yangshuo, skiing in Harbin.

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How to Plan Nature and Outdoor Experience

The best destinations for nature travel.

Here is a list of some world-known destinations or less-discovered gems for nature lovers.

Guilin - crystal clear Li River, cascading rice terraces and serene countryside beauty.

Huangshan - beautiful Yellow mountain and canyon.

Zhangjiajie - awesome vistas of the “avatar mountains” and lush forest.

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve - fresh air, colorful forest, blue-green water, waterfall.

Yunnan province - diverse landscapes from red land, terraces fields, lakes, gorges to meadow.

West of Sichuan - snowy mountains, grassland.

Xinjiang province - grassland, lakes, desert.

Tibet - blue sky, glacier, hot spring, grassland.

Harbin - ski resort, Ice and Snow Festival.

Sanya – white sand beaches, sunshine, warm temperature all year around.

What inspires you and your physical condition?

There are different ways to travel. Your interests matter. Like a trip to Guilin, we can customize you very relaxing sightseeing tour combining leisure travel pace and relaxing transport; hiking/biking trips that requires medium or high physical level, or adventure tours with some challenge activities.


When do you want to travel?

Once you decided where to go and what to see, the next plan is for the best season as the weather conditions and environment is always changing. For most of the places, May to October is the best time to travel. However, in terms of the wildlife watching, hiking trips, skiing experience, harvest time, there is certain time to travel. Our experienced travel advisors will give full guidance for your trip planning.

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