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Ningbo to Putuoshan Bus

  • Boarding at:Ningbo South Bus Station/ Ningbo North Bus Station

  • Stopping at: Zhoushan (Putuo) Shenjiamen Bus Station

  • Travel Time: around 2 hours

  • Ticket Type: E-ticket

  • Ticket cost: US$ 14-27

  • Service fee: US$ 5 per ticket

  • ETripChina will confirm the booking via email maximum to 12 hours

Ningbo to Putuoshan Bus Introduction:

Mount Putuo, together with Mount Wutai in Shanxi, Mount Emei in Sichuan and Mount Jiuhua in Anhui, is one of the four famous Buddhist Mountains in China it’s also the famous scenic resort island in Zhejiang Province, East China. Mount Putuo is surrounded by the sea, with the beautiful scenery, unique and fantasy peace, known as "the first clean and pure land in the world."

The Ningbo to Putuoshan Bus journey is about 2 hours with distance of 100kilometers, departing at 06:30AM-19:30PM every day. There is no direct bus to Mount Putuo after arrival at the Zhoushan (Putuo) Shenjiamen Bus Station, the only way to get to Mount Putuo Scenic Resort is to take the ferry boat. There are ferry boats departing at Shenjiamen Banshengdong Wharf(沈家门半升洞码头) and Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf(朱家尖蜈蚣峙码头), and usually the ferry takes about 15-20 minutes to reach Mount Putuo. 

  1. Ningbo South Bus Station:

    Add: No.408 YongShuiQiao Road, Haishu District

    Tel: 0574-87133561

  2.    Ningbo North Bus Station:

    Add: No.9 Dongchang Road, JiangBei District

    Tel: 0574-87355321 

  3. Zhoushan (Putuo) Shenjiamen Bus Station

    Add: No.100 Jiangbei Railway Station Road, Jiangbei District

    Tel: 0574-87353791;87355321

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