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Hohhot Tours : Mongolian culture and grassland beauty

Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China which is home to most Chinese Mongols. The city has a long history with well-preserved Mongolian culture, thriving Mongolian Buddhism and traditions. There are many cultural relics in and around Hohhot like Da Zhao Temple, Temple of the Five Pagodas, Tomb of Princess Zhaojun and Genghis Khan Mausoleum. Beyond that, travelers can fulfill their experience on the vast grassy lands, magnificent desert with various outdoor activities, or attending Mongolian traditional Naadam Festival.

Long Vacations

How to Plan Hohhot Tours

Hohhot makes a good base for exploring cultural relics of the Yuan Empire and the natural beauty of the grasslands and deserts, as well as the traditional activities of Mongolian people.

How much time do you have in Hohhot?

If you have one full day, visit the city sights like Da Zhao Temple, Temple of the Five Pagodas, Tomb of Princess Zhaojun, or explore the nearest grassland of Xilamuren.


Two full days will allow you visiting more including grassland, desert and the famous site of Genghis Khan Mausoleum. See the details of Hohhot in two days.   


If you have 4-5 days, that would be perfect to enjoy a relaxing and adventurous tour. There are many activities to attend and things to do on grassland and desert.   

When do you want to travel?

The best time comes from May to October for green lands and comfortable weather. The most important festival – Naadam Festival hold on 11-13 July each year. The main games of wrestling, horse racing, and archery are big draw to culture lovers.

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

The cities of Hohhot, Baotou and Erdos are modern and big cities with many hotel options. Yurts stay available on the grasslands.

Estimated budget for hotels in Hohhot city: 3-star chain hotels cost $70-90 on average; 4 stars are $90-$120; 5 star $120-$200, luxury hotels are $200+.

How to get to Hohhot?

Hohhot Baita airport connects the city with major cities in China. Bullet trains to Beijing have been operated by the end of 2019, but the extending line to Baotou, Erdos is still undergoing. In this case Hohhot is a nice tour base for round trips from Beijing.   

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