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Xilamuren Grassland Xiangshawan Desert Xiangshawan at Kubuqi Desert Naadam Festival wrestling Genghis Khan Mausoleum
  • Xilamuren Grassland
  • Xiangshawan Desert
  • Xiangshawan at Kubuqi Desert
  • Naadam Festival wrestling
  • Genghis Khan Mausoleum

Discovering Inner Mongolia's Cultural and Natural Wonders in 5 Days

a) Wudangzhao Monastery: Inner Mongolia's largest Tibetan lamasery, surrounded by picturesque mountains and Tibetan architectural beauty.

b) Kubuqi Desert & Xiangshawan Sand Dunes: China's seventh-largest desert, with golden sands and optional desert activities.

c) Meidaizhao Lamasery: A historically significant lamasery with stunning murals.

d) Xilamuren Grasslands: Mongolian culture, dairy delights, yurt lodging, and a lively bonfire evening.

e) Hohhot Exploration: Hohhot's heritage of Five Pagoda Temple and Dazhao Temple.

Tour Code : CT-NM-2

Destinations : Baotou, Hohhot,

Duration :5 days

Travel Style :Private Tour ( Monastery/ Grassland/ Desert/ )


Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Beijing to Baotou - Wudangzhao Monastery

Board a morning high-speed train from Beijing to Baotou, an industrial and tourist hotspot in Inner Mongolia, arriving by noon. After a satisfying lunch, journey 70 kilometers northwest to the picturesque Wudangzhao Monastery in Wudanggou village. It's the largest Tibetan lamasery in Inner Mongolia, surrounded by lush mountains and a serene stream. Discover its Tibetan architectural charm before returning to Baotou for the night.


Day 2: Baotou to Kubuqi - Kubuqi Desert, Xiangshawan Sand Dunes

Following your morning meal, dedicate the day to immersing yourself in the wonders of the Kubuqi Desert, which is near the city of Ordos and stands as the seventh-largest desert in China. Your first stop will be the Xiangshawan Sand Dunes, where you can leisurely stroll and embark on desert hikes. The golden sands juxtaposed against the azure sky paint a breathtaking natural canvas. Additionally, you have the option to partake in a variety of desert activities, including camel rides and thrilling desert sledding (Please note that activity tickets are not included).


Choose to spend the night either in the vicinity of the Kubuqi Desert or opt for accommodation in a hotel located in Ordos.

Day 3: Kubuqi to Hohhot - Meidaizhao Lamasery

Today's itinerary involves a journey from Kubuqi to Hohhot, with a captivating stop en route at the Meidaizhao Lamasery. This lamasery holds immense historical significance as one of the most prominent lamaseries in Inner Mongolia and stands as a meticulously preserved relic from the era of Altan Khan, a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Nestled amidst a picturesque landscape of mountains and rivers, the Meidaizhao Lamasery showcases a captivating blend of architectural styles inspired by central China, Mongolia, and Tibet. Its halls also house exquisite murals that tell stories of its rich cultural heritage.


Following your visit to Meidaizhao, the journey continues onward to Hohhot, where you will spend the night in the city.

Day 4: Hohhot to Xilamuren Grasslands

 Today's adventure leads you to the enchanting Xilamuren Grasslands, conveniently located just a short 2-hour drive from Hohhot. Upon your arrival, you'll be greeted with a warm welcome ceremony, followed by the delightful opportunity to visit a local Mongolian family. Here, you can savor the taste of their dairy products, including delicious yogurt, while also taking a leisurely stroll amidst the serene expanses of the grasslands. As the day progresses, a sumptuous dinner awaits, and your evening culminates in the magic of a bonfire celebration, where local Mongolian residents will regale you with their captivating songs and dances.


For your overnight stay, immerse yourself in the authentic Mongolian experience by spending the night in a traditional yurt.


Please note that an optional outdoor activity, horseback riding, is available on-site. Safety is of utmost importance, and arrangements can be made should you wish to partake in this activity.


Day 5: Xilamuren to Hohhot to Beijing - Five Pagoda Temple, Dazhao Temple

 Bid farewell to Xilamuren's serene morning beauty before embarking on a day of urban exploration in Hohhot. Visit the Five Pagoda Temple, a 15th-century masterpiece adorned with five brick rectangular pagodas, boasting Mongolian astronomy motifs. Then, explore Dazhao Temple, Hohhot's grandest Buddhist temple, housing a silver Buddha and hosting Cham dances and Buddhist music. The late afternoon journey back to Beijing via high-speed train marks the tour's fulfilling conclusion.

Price Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Price Inclusions

    a) All the visits mentioned in the itinerary.

    b) Train tickets: Beijing - Baotou, Hohhot – Beijing.

    c) Lunches mentioned at local restaurants with one local drink per meal.

    d) Transfers and ground transportation by car, minibus, or bus depending on the group size.

    e) Hotel room, based on double occupancy with either a double bed or two single beds. Breakfast included.

    f) Services of English-speaking local guides.

    g) Accident insurance during the trip in China.

  • Price Exclusions

    a) Personal expenses

    b) Dinner is not included in.

    c) Tips for guides, drivers, and porters - tips are not mandatory but appreciated for their service.

Additional Info

The optimal period for a visit span from May to October, offering a chance to witness the lush grasslands and relish agreeable weather.


Abundant outdoor activities await in the grasslands and desert. Revel in the adventure while keeping safety as your utmost priority.

Change and Cancellation Policy

  1. 15 days before commencement of services: 100% refund.

  2. 7 to 14 days before commencement of services: charge 10% of the tour price.

  3. 2 to 6 days before commencement of services: charge 50% of the tour price.

  4. Within 2 days of commencement of services or no-show travelers: charge 100% of the tour price.

  5. After the trip has commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your willingness, early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

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