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Travel from Urumqi to Turpan, Korla, Koutcha, Hotan, and Kashgar in 12 days

l   Discover top attractions across Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Koutcha, Hotan, and Kashgar.

l   Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned vehicle with a private guide fluent in English, tailoring the experience to your pace.

l   Immerse yourself in authentic modern life.

l   Venture from Xinjiang's north to south, unveiling the historic Silk Road's story and its mesmerizing ruins.

Tour Code : CT-145

Destinations : Kashgar, Turpan, Urumqi,

Duration :12 days

Travel Style :Private Tour ( Market/ Ruins/ Lake/ Desert/ )


Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Urumqi

Upon your arrival at Urumqi Airport, our guide will warmly welcome you with a sign displaying your name. You will be conveniently transported to your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.


Take some time to rest at the hotel and adjust to any time zone differences.


Day 2: Urumqi to Turpan - Jiaohe Ruins, Emin Minaret, Karez Water System, Turpan Museum

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast. Afterward, set out on a journey from Urumqi to Turpan (200 km, about 2.5 hours' drive). Upon arrival, dive into the essence of Turpan.


The Turpan Karez, an ancient irrigation system, ranks among China's three great engineering marvels from antiquity, alongside the Great Wall and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Comprising approximately 1,100 underground tunnels stretching over 5,000 km, the Turpan Karez are subterranean conduits designed to store and distribute water, essential for irrigating Turpan's arid lands.


China's tallest minaret, the Emin Minaret, majestically rises as the nation's sole ancient Islamic minaret, situated 2 kilometers east of Turpan.


The Jiaohe Ruins, located 13 km from Turpan, house the remnants of an ancient earthen city, acknowledged as the oldest and best-preserved of its kind. Traces of this ancient civilization endure, with its administrative core established during the Tang Dynasty.


Explore the Turpan Museum, Xinjiang's second-largest museum and a notable establishment in the region. The museum showcases a collection of historical relics, offering invaluable insights into the history of the ancient Silk Road through its exhibits.


Your day concludes with an overnight stay in Turpan.




Day 3: Turpan - Tuyugou Valley, Flaming Mountains, Bezeklik Caves

Explore Turpan further.


Tuyugou Valley, 55 km from Turpan, holds historic value for Buddhism and Islam. Now inhabited by Uighurs, it boasts a 1,700-year-old village, the oldest with original families.


Cross the Flaming Mountains at Turpan's northern edge, revealing the cradle of ancient civilization and oasis agriculture, encompassing 80% of Turpan's landscapes.


Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, westward in Flaming Mountains Valley, 45 km from Turpan, feature numerous Buddha sculptures and murals, constituting Turpan's most extensive cave complex.


Overnight in Turpan.




Day 4: Turpan to Korla - Bosten Lake, Iron Gate Pass

Embark on a journey from Turpan to Korla (400 km, approximately 5 hours' drive). Korla, an important city before the desert, is also recognized as the birthplace of pears in China.


"Bosten" translates to oasis in Uighur. Covering 800 square kilometers, Bosten Lake reaches a maximum depth of 17 meters and is a key fishery resource in Xinjiang.


The Iron Gate Pass stands as a vital checkpoint along the Silk Road.


Rest for the evening in Korla. 



Day 5: Korla to Kucha - Kucha Grand Mosque, Ancient Subashi City Ruins


Journey from Korla to Kucha (300 km, 4 hours' drive). Kucha holds significance for the Uighurs and boasts a historical presence along the Silk Road.


The Kucha Grand Mosque, the second-largest in Xinjiang, was constructed in the 17th century and rebuilt in 1931 after a fire. Its main prayer hall accommodates 1,000 worshippers, supported by 88 pillars adorned with intricately carved and multicolored patterns, showcasing Uighur architectural excellence.


Discover the remnants of Ancient Subashi City, with a history spanning approximately 4,000 years. Once the capital of the Kingdom of Guici, Subashi's civilization predates the Harappan civilization.


Your evening lodgings will be in Kucha.



Day 6: Kucha to Shaya - Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, Kizilia Canyon

Commence the day with an exploration of sites in the vicinity of Kucha.


The Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves house 80 well-preserved caverns, with some dating back to the third century. Although wars and harsh elements have damaged many paintings and statues, traces of colorful artwork still grace certain caves.


The Kizilia Canyon is celebrated for its red hues and uniquely shaped rocks. A stroll through the canyon's depths takes approximately an hour, allowing you to gaze upward and appreciate the natural beauty.


After the excursion, proceed from Kucha to Shaya (300 km, approximately 4.5 hours' drive). Your accommodation awaits in Shaya for the evening.



Day 7: Shaya to Hotan - Taklamakan Desert, Jevac Buddhist Temple Ruins

Embark on a journey from Shaya to Hotan (Khotan) (600 km, approximately 7 hours' drive) via the desert highway. Immerse yourself in the Taklamakan Desert's exploration.


This provides a distinctive opportunity to admire the Taklamakan Desert's terrain, China's largest desert and the second largest in the world.


During the journey, explore the remnants of the Jevac Buddhist Temple, situated 50 km from Hotan within the desert expanse. These ruins offer a glimpse into ancient eras, with the temple's remains juxtaposed against the desert's panorama.


You will spend the evening in Hotan.




Day 8: Hotan - Hotan Mosque, Hotan River, Tuancheng Old Quarter

 Dedicate an entire day to immersing yourself in the city of Hotan.


Hotan's population is primarily composed of successive generations of Uighurs. Throughout the city, you'll find numerous mosques that are integral to the local culture. Among them, the Hotan Mosque, situated at the heart of the city, stands out as one of the largest in the region.


Hotan is renowned as a significant center for jade production in China, particularly famous for its prized Hotan jade. The Yulong River, a tributary of the Tarim River, courses from south to north through the Taklamakan Desert. Take time to explore the Hotan River's banks, where you might even discover jade stones if fortune favors you.


Wander through the captivating Tuancheng Old Quarter, now a sensation on the internet. This area increasingly attracts travelers due to its quaint old houses, vibrant bars, and characteristic restaurants.


Your evening will be spent in Hotan.



Day 9: Hotan (Khotan) to Yarkand to Kashgar - Yarkand Kings' Tombs, Yarkand Royal City, Amannisahan's Tomb

 Embark on a journey from Hotan (Khotan) to Yarkand and then to Kashgar, covering 400 km in approximately 6 hours' drive.


Visit the Yarkand Kings' Tombs, an ensemble dating back to the 16th century. This site showcases an array of tombs and mosques adorned with distinctive Muslim designs, presenting a glimpse of intricate cultural heritage.


Explore the ancient Yarkand Royal City, immersing yourself in its historical significance and charm.


Pay a visit to the tomb of Amannisahan and its adjoining mosque. Amannisahan, a significant figure in Xinjiang's history, was also a concubine of the Yarkand king. This visit offers insights into local opera history, along with the chance to observe the tomb and its accompanying mosque.


Complete your day's journey in Kashgar for the evening.



Day 10: Kashgar - Abakh Khoja Family Tomb, Old Uighur Quarter, Zhiren Street, Ancient Quarter, Centennial Tea House, Id Kah Mosque


Immerse yourself in Kashgar,


Visit the Abakh Khoja Family Tomb, built in 1640 for five generations. Its grand blue exterior and classical architecture house a small and grand mosque, a scripture hall, and a cemetery.


Xinjiang's largest mosque, Id Kah Mosque, built in 1422, is a significant Uighur prayer site.


Explore the Old Uighur Quarter and Zhiren Street, where Uighurs have lived for 600 years. Houses made from yellow earth and diverse poplar leaves create an authentic backdrop. Uncover 50 alleys, towers, and craft workshops. Zhiren Street displays pottery, bakeries, embroidery, and knives.


Experience local life at a centennial tea house, adorned with intricate decor (self-payment).


Retreat for the night in Kashgar.



Day 11: Kashgar - Karakul Lake & Baisha Lake (White Sand Lake)

Embark on a journey today to discover Karakul Lake and Baisha Lake from Kashgar (400 km, around 6 hours' drive).


Karakul Lake positioned 200 km away from Kashgar, rests at the foot of Mount Muztagata, renowned as the "Father of Glaciers," soaring to a majestic 7,546 meters. The lake unveils a mesmerizing panorama of pristine waters and snow-draped peaks.


Baisha Lake, often referred to as White Sand Lake, is a newfound treasure in the Kashgar vicinity. Set amidst a backdrop of snow-kissed mountains, the lake's translucent waters hold an undeniable allure. This site is an absolute must-see during your stay in Kashgar.


Concluding your exploration, return to the city of Kashgar.



Day 12: Kashgar / Departure

Free time until departure

Price Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Price Inclusions

    a) All the visits mentioned in the itinerary.

    b) Meals mentioned at local restaurants, including one local drink per meal.

    c) Transfers and ground transportation by car, minibus, or bus, depending on the group size.

    d) Hotel accommodation, based on double occupancy with either a double bed or two single beds. Breakfast included.

    e) Generally, the services of English-speaking local guides.

    f) Accident insurance during the trip in China.

  • Price Exclusions

    a) Visa fees.

    b) Personal expenses.

    c) Excess baggage charges.

    d) Round-trip international airfare.

    e) Please note that tips for guides, drivers, and porters are not mandatory but are a way to show appreciation for their service and are encouraged.

Additional Info

Accommodations in Xinjiang:

Xinjiang holds great significance along the historic Silk Road, yet its remote nature can present challenges in terms of lodging. In certain areas like Hotan and Koutcha, there are limited suitable hotel options for international travelers. However, rest assured that we will carefully curate available and fitting accommodations for your stay.


Proposed Hotels:


Urumqi: Options include Xinjiang City Hotel 3*, Hotel World Plaza Xinjiang 4*, Mirage Hotel Urumqi 5* (or similar)

Kashgar: Consider Seman Hotel 3*, Yambu Hotel 4*, Kashi Tianyuan International Hotel 5* (or similar)

Hotan: Look into West Lake Yin Du International Hotel 4* (or similar)

Koutcha: Explore Kucha Hotel 3* (or similar)

Korla: Stay at The Garden Hotel

Shaya: Opt for Shaya Hotel

Turpan: Choose from Turpan Oasis Hotel 3*, Turpan Huozhou Hotel 4*, Tuha Petroleum Hotel 5* (or similar)


Transportation in Xinjiang:

This expedition delves into the heart of Xinjiang. Given the vast expanse of the Xinjiang region, we'll traverse it by car from Urumqi to Kashgar. This mode of transportation offers the chance to witness a myriad of sights along the route and fully immerse ourselves in the region's diverse landscapes.

Change and Cancellation Policy

  1. 15 days before commencement of services: 100% refund.

  2. 7 to 14 days before commencement of services: charge 10% of the tour price.

  3. 2 to 6 days before commencement of services: charge 50% of the tour price.

  4. Within 2 days of commencement of services or no-show travelers: charge 100% of the tour price.

  5. After the trip has commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your willingness, early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

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