Changes and Cancellation

Changes and Cancellation from Your Side

• All the below mentioned policy refers to the issued e-ticket or paper ticket (not include tickets of International trains or Hong Kong trains). China Rail has the total right to change the policy and ETripChina will do accordingly with the current regulation. However, you can change or cancel freely with ETripChina before we successfully issued the tickets.

• E-ticket changes and cancellation: should be made at least two hours before departure to China Rail. Considering the time difference and work-off hours, Etripchina accepts changes or cancellation by email 24 hours ahead.

• Paper ticket changes and cancellation: should be made by ticket holder with passport (not copy) at station before departure. The G and D trains allow to change to other available train on the day even 2 hours after departure.

• Changes and cancellation penalty (both e-ticket and paper ticket) charged by China Rail: 48 hours ahead – 5% of ticket rate charged; 24-48 hours - 10% charged; 2-24 hours - 20% charged; less than 2 hours – 100% charged. It may attract a higher ratio during the public holidays or period specific by Railway Company.

• Refund amount for cancellation: for cancellation of e-ticket, ETripChina will refund the ticket rate based on the above mentioned policy. Service fee is non-refundable due to the cost of our workload and time.

• Extra charge for changes: No free change for all passport holders currently. If you request a change, China Rail requires to cancel the previous one and re-book the new ticket. It cost a cancellation penalty as mentioned above, but no extra charges from ETripChina.

Changes and Cancellation from China Rail

• Cancellation of trains occur at severe weather conditions.

• China Rail has been responsible to refund fully or change to other available trains if cancellation made from their side.

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