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Chongqing is one of the four provincial-level municipalities of China. Situated on the upper stream of Yangtze River, Chongqing is a leading river port and an important industrial city in southwest-central China. It is also a popular tourist destination with profound cultural relics and natural resources. Most visited city sites include Ciqikou Old Town, Three Gorges Museum, The Great Hall of People, Goose Neck Park, Hongya Cave, etc. It is also gateway to the heritage site of Dazu Grottoes, natural reserve at Wulong boasting Karst Landscape and the mighty Three Gorges. The city itself is very charming and picturesque. The streets are winding following the topography of hills making it like a layer cake. With mild and humid climate, Chongqing is suitable to visit year around. We have various Chongqing tours showcase you the beauty of Chongqing city and a river cruise downstream from here to enjoy the mighty Yangtze.

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