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Plan a Trip to Wulong in Chongqing

Mia 2023-06-14

Chongqing Wulong, situated in the southeastern part of Chongqing Municipality in China, is a district renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes. Nestled in the Wuling Mountain and Dalou Mountain Gorge area, it showcases remarkable karst landforms, such as the Wulong Karst Tourist Area and the awe-inspiring Tian sheng Three Bridges. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the enchanting Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, embark on a picturesque cruise along the scenic Furong River, and explore the wonders of Furong Cave. Additional attractions include the Houpeng Tiankeng Group, Wulong Museum, Baima Mountain Tianchi Romance Scenic Area, and the ancient town of Yangjiao. Wulong offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, geological marvels, and rich cultural heritage, making it an enticing destination for travelers to discover.


Main attractions in Wulong

Wulong Furong Cave is a magnificent karst cave in Wulong County known for its stunning natural formations and underground rivers. It offers an enchanting underground experience.


Wulong Tiankeng Three Natural Bridges are unique stone arch bridges in Wulong County that span the Yangshui River Gorge. They create a captivating landscape known as the "Three Bridges and Two Sinkholes."


Wulong Longshui Gorge is a majestic canyon in Wulong District, featuring towering cliffs, waterfalls, and narrow passageways. It is an ideal destination for eco and adventure tourism.


Impression·Wulong is a live concert directed by Zhang Yimou, showcasing the geography and history of the Bashu region. It takes place in Taoyuan Grand Canyon, offering stunning mountain views.

Xianv Mountain in the National Forest Park is famous for its beautiful landscapes featuring forests, unique peaks, grasslands, and snow-covered areas. Visitors can engage in various activities like horseback riding, grass skiing, camping, and scenic train rides. With an average annual temperature of 11.2°C, Xianv Mountain offers pleasant scenery and is often referred to as the "Southern Pastoral" and "Summer Palace in the Mountains."


List of the ticket price for your reference


Price (Peak   Season)

Price   (Off-Peak Season)

Wulong Three   Natural Bridges



Wulong Furong   Cave



Cable Car   (Furong Cave)

70 (round   trip)

70 (round   trip)

Wulong Xianv   Mountain



Wulong   Longshui Gorge



Impression   Wulong


Off-peak season: Nov 1 - end of Feb;  Peak season: Mar 1 - Oct 31


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Trip itinerary from Chongqing to Wulong

Two-day tour itinerary

Day 1️: Chongqing City - Wulong Fairy Mountain Town Tourist Center - Fairy Mountain - Longshui Gorge - Wulong Impressions.

Day 2️: Fairy Mountain Town Tourist Center - Three Natural Bridges - Furong River - Furong Cave - Return to Chongqing City.

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Transport to from Chongqing to Wulong

By air, fly to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, transfer to Line 3 to Sigongli Transportation Hub or Chongqing North Railway Station, then take a bus or train to Wulong. Buses run from 7 am to 7:40 pm.


The Chongqing-Huaihua Railway passes through Wulong. There are several T trains and C trains stop at Wulong Railway Station, then take a bus or taxi to the bus station.


Wulong has good road connections with National Highway 319 and Chongqing-Yueyang Expressway. Buses from Chongqing leave from Sigongli Transportation Hub, running from 7 am to 7:40 pm. The Chongqing-Yueyang Expressway journey takes about 2 hours.


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