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Chongqing Shibati Old Street

Mia 2023-06-26

Name in Chinese: 重庆十八梯

Ticket: Free
For transportation, you can conveniently reach Jiaochangkou Station on Metro Line 1 and Line 2


Chongqing locals will advise you that when you visit Chongqing, you must make a trip to Shibati to experience the everyday life of ascending slopes and steps in this mountainous city!


During the Ming Dynasty, there existed a well in this area. The nearby residents relied on the water from this well for their daily use. The distance between the well and the residents' homes happened to be exactly eighteen stone steps, hence the name "Shibati" (Eighteen Steps).


The staircases of Shibati connect the upper and lower parts of Yuzhong Peninsula, providing distinct scenic views with each step. Following its renovation, Shibati now discreetly blends into the cityscape, allowing visitors to marvel at the mountain city from above and gaze down upon the lower part. A visit here will undoubtedly create a unique memory of the mountainous city. In the recollections of old Chongqing residents, a story always takes root in Shibati, forging an inseparable bond. The aged stone pavement, majestic phoenix trees, street-side video game arcades and pool halls adorned with curtains, sewing machines still whirring as they mend clothes, the sizzling sound of frying youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks), fried lotus root slices, and fried tofu, and the sparks that fly from the key-cutting stalls at the street corner - these are all treasured memories belonging to the older generation of Chongqing residents.




Recommended spots for photography at Shibati:

Hong Kong Police Souvenir Shop

Shibati - Centuries-old Stone Steps

Shibati preserves the ancient stone steps, electric poles, road signs, and railings, creating a cinematic ambiance. Capture a photo on the nearby step with the backdrop of hanging wooden houses, immersing yourself in an artistic atmosphere.

Ancient Well and Spring Breeze - Water Well Square

Shibati derives its name from the ancient well. During the late Southern Song Dynasty, a well was dug here, providing exceptionally sweet water to the residents of Shibati. The well happened to be located at the eighteen stone steps, hence the street's name. Despite the passage of eight centuries, this street has retained its original charm and significance.

Mountain City Memory Hall

Located in the traditional-style area of Shibati, in front of the Yuli Hotpot restaurant. A must-visit place for art enthusiasts.

Shibati Urban Balcony

Situated at the main entrance of the traditional-style area, this spot offers a direct view of Jiefangbei (upper city) and a panoramic vista of Shibati (lower city). After nightfall, the area is illuminated, allowing visitors to enjoy the enchanting scenery of mountains, waters, moon, and the cityscape.



One-day city walk in Chongqing

Plan A: A guided tour will show you the best of Chongqing, a city has maze-like structure.

Chongqing Shibati, Raffles City, Hongya Cave, Light Rail through Building, Eling Second Factory Cultural and Creative Park.


Plan B: for independent travelers, it is easier to follow the subway line and see the best alongside.


Attractions on Metro Line 1:

Chaotianmen Station: Raffles Square, Chaotianmen Wharf, Yangtze River Cruise

Xiaoshizi Station: Hongya Cave, Qiansimen Bridge, Yangtze River Cableway, Huguang Guild Hall, White Elephant Residence

Jiaochangkou Station: Jiefangbei, Bayi Food Street, Mountain City Trail

Eling Station: Eling Second Factory, Eling Park

Shapingba Station: Three Gorges Square

Daxuecheng Station: Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Xijie Street


Attractions on Metro Line 2:

Jiaochangkou Station: Mountain City Trail, Zhongxing Road Bookstore

Linjiangmen Station: Jiefangbei, WFC Observation Deck, Bayi Food Street

Zengjiayan Station: Three Gorges Museum, Zhongshan Fourth Road

Liziba Station: Liziba Light Rail through Building

Daping Station: Eling Second Factory

Xiejia Wan Station: Graffiti Street, Jiaotong Tea House

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