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Shuanglin Temple in Pingyao

Mia 2023-08-10

Shuanglin Temple Introduction

Name in Chinese: 双林寺

Location: 6 km from Pingyao

Opening Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM

Recommended Visit Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Admission: Yes.


When mentioning Pingyao, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly Pingyao Ancient City. However, neighboring the ancient city, two historic temples, Zhen Guo Temple and Shuanglin Temple, have played a crucial role in securing Pingyao Ancient City's UNESCO World Heritage status. These temples, renowned for their polychrome sculptures, encapsulate the spiritual essence of northern Chinese county towns, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the ancient city.


Originally named Zhongdu Temple, Shuanglin Temple's early establishment echoes its location in the former Zhongdu City. During the Song Dynasty, it was renamed Shuanglin Temple, symbolizing "Entering Nirvana in the Twin Groves," a nod to Gautama Buddha's transition. Housing 14 grand halls, three gates, and a theater stage, the temple complex's majority dates back to the Ming Dynasty, except for the Qing Dynasty theater and meditation halls.


The temple compound houses numerous grand halls adorned with exquisite murals, crafted through circular carving, deep and shallow relief, and multi-layered sculptures. Each deity, regardless of size, radiates compassion in diverse forms and postures. Vibrant colors adorn figures and decorations, showcasing masterful craftsmanship. The wood carvings of Tang and Huai Dynasties, Song Dynasty stone tablets, Ming Dynasty bells, along with ancient architecture, polychrome sculptures, and murals, form unparalleled treasures. Inheriting Tang Dynasty's tradition, Shuanglin Temple is lauded as an "Eastern Polychrome Art Treasury."


If you are a designer, Shuanglin Temple is definitely a place you wouldn't want to visit just once.



Travel tips for visiting Pingyao Shuanglin Temple

In contrast to the lively atmosphere of Pingyao Ancient City, Shuanglin Temple offers a serene setting to appreciate the elegance of ancient architecture. Don’t miss it.

Transportation: Bus route 108 connects Pingyao Ancient City and Shuanglin Temple.

To safeguard cultural treasures, temple halls remain unlit. You can bring a cold light source, like a flashlight, for illumination when exploring.


Suggested Itinerary including Shuanglin Temple:

Day 1: Arrive in Pingyao Ancient City - Check-in at a guesthouse - Enjoy evening light show. 

Day 2: Major attractions in Pingyao Ancient City 

Day 3: See Shuanglin Temple in the suburb, and nearby sights of Wang Family Courtyard. Then depart for next destination (Xian or Beijing by bullet train)

Feel free to submit a personalized tour request using the inquiry form provided below, tailored to your preferred itinerary. Or visit page of Pingyao to find more itineraries including Ancient Town and Shuanglin Temple (Pingyao Trips, Transfer Service & Travel Ideas)

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