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Wang Family Courtyard in Shanxi

Mia 2023-08-11

Introduction of Wang Family Courtyard

Located 12 kilometers east of Lingshi County in Shaanxi Province, Ding Sheng Town is an ancient historical and cultural art town in China, where Wang Family Courtyard is situated. It is 35 kilometers away from the globally recognized historical and cultural heritage site of Pingyao Ancient City, and 4 kilometers from JieXiu Mianshan. Wang Family Courtyard is a remarkable architectural art museum rich in traditional cultural features, acclaimed as the premier residence of the Huaxia people and also referred to as the Folk Forbidden City.


Wang Family Courtyard is a masterpiece of Qing Dynasty residential architecture. Constructed over a span of more than 300 years during the reigns of Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing, it was undertaken by descendants of the Taiyuan Wang family, one of the four major families in Lingshi County's history. This grand and magnificent architectural complex covers an area of 250,000 square meters, featuring distinctive "Five Alleys," "Five Forts," and "Five Ancestral Halls." It includes the Red Gate Fort (Dragon), Gaojiaya Cliff (Phoenix), Chongningbao (Tiger), and other ancient architectural clusters, as well as the Wang Family Ancestral Hall, with a total of 231 courtyards of varying sizes and 2,078 rooms open to the public.


The entrance to the scenic area is Gaojiaya Cliff, with 35 courtyards and 342 houses, featuring a main three-courtyard four-sided compound. Among them, the core courtyard, "Ningruiju," serves as a social space in the front and a living area in the rear. Wang Family Courtyard is renowned for its "Three Carvings": wood, stone, and brick carvings, with "Ningruiju" being the best-preserved site for this artistry.


The distinctive feature of the Red Gate Fort is its immense size. The fortress is tall and sturdy with blue brick walls, resembling a city wall, and includes towers and pavilions. Built against the mountainside, it consists of four rows of courtyards forming a well-organized "Wang" character shape, concealing the motif of a "dragon." The elegant environment of the Top Armor Garden provides a panoramic view of the entire Red Gate Fort complex from the city wall.


Numbers cannot fully convey its scale; only through personal experience can one realize its magnitude beyond imagination of a "courtyard." A typical visit usually takes 2-3 hours, but for those who love historical architecture and culture, a day might still feel insufficient.



Tips for Visiting Wang Family Courtyard:

a) Wang Family Courtyard is frequently mentioned alongside Qiao Family Courtyard. Given the choice, I suggest prioritizing Wang Family Courtyard. 

b) Getting There: It's about a 1-hour drive from Pingyao Ancient City. 

c) Recommended Plan: If you have a full day, consider combining your trip to Wang Family Courtyard with a visit to Shuanglin Temple. Alternatively, you can set aside half a day when you arrive or depart to explore Wang Family Courtyard. Independent travelers should plan transportation connections accordingly.

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