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Macau Key Attractions

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The Macau region is composed of the Macau Peninsula, along with the two outlying islands of Taipa and Coloane, interconnected by bridges and roadways. Progressing from north to south, they are the Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island. 


Must-see in the Macau Peninsula

The Macau Peninsula embodies the rich cultural heritage of Old Portuguese influences, boasting a concentration of key attractions! The vibrant lifestyle here is complemented by must-visit landmarks, including the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's.

Key attractions in Macau Island


Rua do Cunha (Coloane Village): Explore the charming Rua do Cunha in Coloane Village, known for its vibrant atmosphere, Portuguese-style architecture, and delectable local snacks.


Fortaleza do Monte, once St. Paul's Fortress, is a historic defense complex near Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau. Covers 10,000 sq meters, housing Macau Museum.


Ruins of St. Paul's: Discover the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's, the remnants of a 17th-century church, which stand as a symbol of Macau's rich cultural and religious heritage.


Love Lane: Stroll through Love Lane, a romantic alley with a quaint atmosphere, located in the heart of Macau's historic district, offering a charming escape.


St. Dominic's Church: Admire the beauty of St. Dominic's Church, known as the Rose Church, featuring an elegant Baroque-style facade and housing the Treasury of Sacred Art.


Senado Square (Wave Street): Immerse yourself in the lively Senado Square, also known as Wave Street, surrounded by historic pastel-colored buildings, creating a picturesque European-style plaza.


Macau Fisherman's Wharf: Experience Macau Fisherman's Wharf, a themed park and shopping center with European and American-inspired architecture, offering a diverse range of entertainment and dining options.


Grand Lisboa Palace Resort: Indulge in luxury at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort, a opulent complex featuring a world-class casino, high-end accommodations, and fine dining experiences.


Hotel Lisboa: Step into the nostalgia of the Old Lisboa Hotel, a historic landmark that has been a part of Macau's skyline, known for its classic charm and enduring legacy.


Best experience in Taipa Island

Taipa Island, located just 3 km from Macau Airport, serves as a central hub for hotels, making it an ideal gathering spot for tourists. Renowned for its picturesque hotels, captivating performances, and enchanting night views, Taipa is also celebrated for its culinary delights along Rua do Cunha.

Key attractions in Macau Taipa


The Venetian: Experience a gondola ride [Paid].

Indulge in a romantic gondola ride through the Venetian's picturesque canals, surrounded by charming Venetian architecture and serenading gondoliers.


The Londoner: Witness the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony.

Step into the regal world of The Londoner and witness the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony, a royal spectacle reminiscent of London's Buckingham Palace.


The Parisian: Enjoy night views from the tower [Paid].

Ascend the Eiffel Tower replica at The Parisian for breathtaking night views of the Macau skyline, creating a Parisian atmosphere with a touch of elegance.


MGM Cotai: Complimentary pearl milk tea at the casino.

Delight in the cultural fusion with a complimentary pearl milk tea at MGM Cotai, a refreshing treat amidst the venue's artistic ambiance.


Studio City: Eight-shaped Ferris wheel [Paid].

Experience thrill and excitement on Studio City's eight-shaped Ferris wheel, offering panoramic views of the entertainment complex and Macau's skyline.


Wynn Palace: Fountain show at 8 PM. Free cable car ride.

Be enchanted by Wynn Palace's nightly fountain show at 8 PM, followed by a complimentary cable car ride that provides a unique perspective of the resort's stunning surroundings.


Galaxy Hotel: Crystal Lobby Diamond Show.

Marvel at the exquisite Crystal Lobby Diamond Show at Galaxy Hotel, where dazzling crystals come to life in a mesmerizing display of luxury and elegance.


Culinary Delights: Explore the culinary delights of Rua do Cunha, a street known for its snacks.

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Rua do Cunha, savoring an array of delicious snacks and treats that make this street a culinary haven on Taipa Island.


Please note that the activities mentioned as [Paid] may involve a fee.


What to see on the Coloane Island

The southernmost Coloane Island features a lengthy coastline, but due to time constraints, exploring this island is often overlooked.


Tenth of October Avenue [Andrew's Bakery, Coloane Library]

Macau Countryside Road

Macau Bamboo Bay Road

Dragon's Claw Path Coastal Trail

Hac Sa Beach

Ka Ho



How to visit Macau

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