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Longji refers to the scenic area which consists of several Zhuang and Miao villages and their rice terraces fields. It is situated in the Longsheng County, 80 kilometers west of Guilin. Enjoy the same reputation as Yuanyang in Yunnan province, Longji has long been a must destination for nature lover, hiking enthusiast and photographers. The terraces fields are built along the slope from the riverside up to the mountain top, resembling a dragon's backbone (means Longji in Chinese). Most of these terrace fields were built 500 years ago and developed by the local Zhuang and Miao people. Views are stunning whenever you come: water glittering in spring, green rice shoots in summer, golden rice in fall, and silvery frost in winter. Due to the mountainous location and lack of means of transport, Longji is always part of Guilin Tours. Look for our private day trips, coach tours to Longji and hiking trips with overnight stay in Longji.

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