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Plan a Trip to Quanzhou

Mia 2023-09-08

Quanzhou Introduction

Quanzhou remains a relatively undiscovered coastal city in China for foreign tourists, yet it boasts immense historical significance and a rich heritage. Situated just 95 km from Xiamen, Quanzhou holds a distinguished place in history as the historic starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, it served as the largest and most vital maritime port in the East.


The city is a treasure trove of history and culture, home to numerous globally renowned historical sites and cultural relics. In July 2021, all the historical sites and ruins of Quanzhou's role as a global emporium during the Song and Yuan dynasties were inscribed on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List.


In the past, Quanzhou attracted a diverse array of Arab and Persian traders, fostering harmony among different religions and facilitating the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Buddhism, Taoism, and Manichaeism all left their mark here, and today, Quanzhou is replete with precious religious relics of immense historical and artistic value.


Quanzhou, without a doubt, rightfully holds the title of the "First East Asian Cultural Capital" in China.


Explore Quanzhou's Highlights

Explore Kaiyuan Temple and Its East-West Pagodas:

Kaiyuan Temple, dating back to the Tang dynasty, stands as a significant cultural relic on China's southeastern coast and is Fujian Province's largest Buddhist temple. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, it held a prominent position in Quanzhou. The current main temple, constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties, spans an impressive 260 meters north to south and 300 meters east to west, covering an expansive area of 78,000 square meters. Here, you can marvel at magnificent palaces and the splendid East and West pagodas.


Witness the Statue of Lao Tzu in Qingyuan Mountain National Park:

Lao Tzu, retrospectively regarded as the founding figure of Taoism in China, is commemorated by an extraordinary statue situated at the base of Qingyuan Mountain National Park. This statue rises to a height of 5.1 meters, boasts dimensions of 7.2 meters in thickness, and spans an impressive 7.3 meters in width, covering an area of 55 square meters. Its creation showcases remarkable artistic finesse and makes it one of Quanzhou's absolute must-see attractions.


Explore Quanzhou Maritime Museum:

As the historic starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou has a rich maritime history waiting to be discovered at the Quanzhou Maritime Museum, positioned east of East Lake Park. This museum features seven permanent exhibitions, presenting an array of ancient wooden, iron, and stone anchors, hundreds of stone sculptures from the Song and Yuan dynasties, export ceramics from different eras, and an extensive collection of over 200 ship models representing various periods in Chinese dynastic history. The museum serves as a captivating voyage through China's maritime trade and transportation history, both domestically and internationally.


Uncover Qingjing Mosque's History:

Erected in the year 1009, Qingjing Mosque, also known as Aisuhabu Mosque, stands as the oldest surviving Islamic structure in China. Showcasing a unique Arabic architectural style, it earned recognition in 2021 by joining UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List as one of the 22 sites associated with the global emporium of Song and Yuan China in Quanzhou.


Traverse the Historic Luoyang Bridge:

Luoyang Bridge, commonly referred to as Wan'an Bridge, ranks among China's most renowned and well-preserved ancient stone bridges. Its construction dates back to 1059, making it the oldest stone beam bridge spanning the sea. Measuring an impressive 834 meters in length and 7 meters in width, supported by a total of 45 stone piers, it earned a place on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List in 2021.


Experience the Enchanting Puppet Show:

During your Quanzhou visit, don't miss the enchanting puppet show, also known as string puppetry, a beloved tradition since the end of the Tang and Five Dynasties period. In Quanzhou, you can not only enjoy this captivating performance but also delve deeper into its history by visiting the Puppetry Museum.

What to Eat in Quanzhou?

Quanzhou cuisine is a delightful component of Fujian cuisine, one of China's renowned culinary traditions. This coastal city is a gastronomic haven where you can indulge your senses with dishes like oyster omelets (known as Ke Zai Jian in Chinese), ginger-stewed duck, braised pork rice cake (Shao Rou Zong in Chinese), Tusundon jelly, and savory beef soup, among a plethora of other tempting options. Explore the flavors and nuances of Fujian cuisine during your visit. AirAsia flight departing at 08:30 from KUL to JJN, with a non-stop duration of 4 hours and 25 minutes.

How to Get to Quanzhou?

Travel Options to Quanzhou:


By Air:

Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport, situated 20 km from the city, offers regular flights to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and provides connections to various Asian destinations, including Malaysia. AirAsia flight departing at 08:30 from KUL to JJN, with a non-stop duration of 4 hours and 25 minutes.


By Train:

Quanzhou boasts four primary railway stations, including Quanzhou Station, West Quanzhou Station, and East Quanzhou Station. Both Quanzhou Station and East Quanzhou Station offer high-speed train (TGV) services to other major Chinese cities, providing seamless connectivity through the extensive high-speed rail network.


For detailed flight and train information between Quanzhou and popular destinations, refer to the following:


Distance (km)










No direct TGV




6 to 7.5h




No direct TGV

Hong Kong











4.5 to 5.5h



No direct   flight, take flight to Xiamen

No direct TGV,   change connection in Xiamen


How to Choose a Trip to Quanzhou?

When planning a trip to Quanzhou, you can plan for a day or several days. You can choose to visit only the city of Quanzhou and its surroundings, or you can also combine the visit to Xiamen, tulou, Quanzhou, and Mount Wuyi into a single itinerary.


Here is a recommended travel suggestion: 7 Days of Xiamen, Tulou, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and Mount Wuyi

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