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Q1 How far in advance can I book ticket?
A1 China Rail release tickets (almost of the trains) 60 days prior to departure. ETripChina accept train inquiry and payment up to 12 months ahead or booking within 24 hours.
Q2 Do you offer discount for children, students and senior people?
A2 Children under 1.2 meters enjoy free trip if sharing seats with parents. Children from 1.2-1.5 meters are required to purchase children fare at 50-75% of adult fee. Children ticket number should not exceed adult ticket number. Students discount only given to student ID card holders. No discount for senior people. 行购买。
Q3 Should I make instant payment when submitting inquiry?
A3 Instant payment is recommended. It shortens the communication time and increase the ratio of successfully booking if the availability is rare. You can also choose to send inquiry only and pay later for advance bookings.
Q4 Can I change or cancel if my plan changes
A4 China Rail allows changes and cancellation 2 hours before departure. Considering the time difference and work-off hours, Etripchina accepts changes or cancellation for E-ticket by email or call 24 hours ahead.
Q5 What are differences between high-speed trains and regular trains?
A5 All the high-speed trains named after G, D or C travelling at speed of 200km/h or higher. These kind of train were first used from Aug 1st, 2008 offering almost the same facilities onboard and type of class including Business, VIP, First and Second Class. Few overnight D trains offers soft sleeper. They are faster than regular K, T, Z and number trains; offers more comfortable, spacious, adjustable seats; coaches are spacious and cleaner; definitely non-smoking; equipped with 220V recharge socket, Chinese and western toilets, handicapped restroom.
Q6 Can I seat in the direction that the train is running?
A6 All type of seats (except sleepers) on trains named after G, D, C, can be switched 180 degree to let you always sit in the same direction that the train is running. But the rest of Z, T, K and number trains do not offer this type of seat.