1. Important Notes

• Hong Kong – Guangzhou trains issue paper ticket only. ETripChina ticket it in Guangzhou or Hong Kong service point, then deliver to your hotel/personal address within China, or kept at our cooperated office at the Hong Kong station, Guangzhou East Station.

• Fix your travel date and time before booking. Hong Kong trains apply for strict change and cancellation policy including that should be done at issuing point. ETripChina is not able to change or cancel after delivery and we dispatch via Shunfeng Express immediately or maximum to 10 days prior to departure date.

• Different from other domestic trains, Hong Kong train page offers accurate information but not real-time data of ticket number. We can only guarantee you the seats when confirmed by Rail Company. If requested train sold out and alternative trains are not acceptable, we refund you fully.

• Ticket are released 30 days prior to departure. We suggest you plan early as there is a huge demand of tickets during Canton Fair in April, October and other public holidays.

• Visa policies different from countries, visiting purpose, and may vary upon specific events. Please contact Chinese embassy in your country for latest news. ETripChina is not responsible for any lost caused due to your invalid visa or relevant documents.

2. Make booking

• Put an order online and pay instantly. If you miss it, ETripChina will send an email with payment link immediately or maximum to 12 hours.

• Passenger's name and passport number, and purchaser's passport copy is required.

• When ticket issued, we deliver out to your hotel or personal address (within China) immediately or 10 days prior to guarantee you get it in time. For those connecting in Hong Kong without accommodation, we will keep the tickets at our cooperated office at Hung Hom Station. Details will be given to you in confirmation letter.

3. Payment

• Payment is acceptable via PayPal, Wire Transfer or West Union (if travel 20 days later).

• Price include ticket rate, service fee (per ticket) and delivery fee (per delivery).

• Child tickets (half rate) are for children aged 5 to 9 only. Passengers aged 10 or above should purchase adult tickets. A child under the age of 5 and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket may travel for free, provided that the child does not occupy a seat. Tickets are valid only for the boarding station, train number and date as shown on the ticket.

4. Collecting Tickets

• For delivery to hotel address: ETripChina will deliver out your tickets to hotel 7-10 days prior to departure date. You collect it at hotel reception or concierge when check in.

• Collecting at Hung Hom Station Office: ETripChina will deliver your tickets to our cooperated station office right at the departure hall of Hung Hom Station. Please collect it at least 45 minutes with the confirmation number we sent and your passport. Station office details will be given in email after booking. .

• Collecting at Guangzhou East Station: A guide will take your tickets to Guangzhou East Station 50-60 minutes prior to your departure time. Guide contact information and meeting point will be given in email after booking. .

5. Checking in

• Passengers are advised to reach Railway Station for at least 45 minutes before train departure to clear customs and get onboard.

• Luggage weight is limited to 20kg for adult and 10kg for children (including children under 5). Baggage size is limited to 160cm (width, length and height combined).

6. Lost Ticket

Tickets are not issued under passenger's personal information. If you lost the ticket or forgot to bring along, you have to bear the loss and purchase again.

7. Changes and Cancellation

ETripChina is not responsible to change or cancel after delivery to your hotel or to our cooperated office at Hong Kong Station.

• Change or cancellation can be made freely with ETripChina without any charge 31 days prior to departure date before the tickets are released. But ETripChina do not offer change or cancellation service after ticketing, and service fee is non-refundable.

• Change and cancellation is required to make at the issuing point- Hong Kong Station or Guangzhou East Station. For all the tickets delivered to hotel or given at Guangzhou East Station, we issue at Guangzhou East Station. For tickets kept at Hung Hom Station, we issue at Hung Hom Station.

• Every ticket enjoys one free change at train station but changed ticket cannot be cancelled or refunded.

• Cancellation penalty charged by station depends on the time when cancellation successfully done: 2 hours to 3 days prior- 50% of ticket rate charged; 3-15 days prior – 30% of ticket rate charged. 15 days – a small fee around $5 for each ticket.