Hong Kong - Guangzhou Private Transfer

  • Tour Code: HKCS-03
  • Service: One way private transfer or vice versa (Hong Kong -Shenzhen -Guangzhou)
  • Pick UP: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Island, Hong Kong Airport
  • Dropp Off: Guangzhou
  • Drive Journey: approx. 3 hours
  • Van Type: 7 Seater Alphard Van (per van basis)
  • Driver Info: licensed, professional driver, Mandarin/Cantonese-speaking
Ticket cost: $415
  • ETripChina will confirm the booking via email maximum to 24 hours

Hong Kong - Guangzhou (via Shenzhen Bay)

Driver will pick you up at hotel or personal address in Hong Kong and onto Guangzhou city center or vice versa, USD $415 per van basis


Total Price $

Hong Kong to Guangzhou (via HZM Bridge)

Driver will pick you up at Hong Kong Airport, hotel or personal address in Hong Kong and onto Guangzhou via Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge or vice versa, USD $465 per van basis


Total Price $

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Hong Kong - Guangzhou Private Transfer Introduction

Though public transport between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is getting much easier and faster since the high-speed rail put into use from Sep 23rd, 2018. Private transfer from Hong Kong to Guangzhou or vice versa with our luxury Alphard van is still the most convenient way especially if you have kids travelling together and large luggage packed.

Drive journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhou via Shenzhen Bay is approx. 3 hours (via HZMB 3.5 hours) including immigration check. Immigration check is the simplest among all transport between these two cities. You only need to get off and bring luggage down for once at Shenzhen Custom from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and no immigration check required at the custom when you travel from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

ETripChina accepts advanced booking and urgent booking for transfer service between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Send us inquiry and we will do the rest to make you a smooth journey.


Price Inclusion & Exclusion

Price Includes:
  • Van rental with experienced driver, toll, parking and driver's salary.
  • Complimentary 30 minutes waiting time for pickup. Arrival transfers enjoy up to 60 minutes based on your actual landing time.

Price excludes:
  • Additional waiting surcharge of $30 on an hourly basis applies after 30 minutes for pickup and 60 minutes for arrival transfer.

  • An additional $40 PER VAN is applicable pickup earlier than 8:00am or see-off later than 7:00pm.


Advantages of taking private transfer

1. Hassle free - private transfer can avoid the hassles of going to and from train stations.

2. Easy procedures - the easiest way to clear customs on van instead of going through the procedures at train stations or ports on your own with luggage up and down.

3. Valuable choice - price is charged per van basis. It is very valuable for group up to 3 persons.


Notes before making booking

1. Prepare valid passport (Hong Kong ID), visa (if needed) on your own before coming to China. ETripChina is not responsible for any loss due to lack of valid document.

2. Private transfer is not open for women who are pregnant as policy goes.

3. Alphard Brand Van has 7 seats and can accommodate maximum 6 passengers (including baby).

4. Luggage space allows five 24 inch (64*41*26cm) suitcases or two 28 inch (76*51*32 cm) suitcases if taking 6 passengers and allows one more for by decreasing each passenger number.

5. Make sure no forbidden items in your luggage bag. Driver has the right to refuse passengers who take forbidden items.

6. If your flight delay for a long time, Car Company has the right to arrange other van and driver to meet you. Keep your phone accessible on your traveling date is very important.

7. It usually takes 5-15 minutes for custom clearance, but the officer has the right to have further interview or open up the luggage bags thus making the whole journey longer.


How to meet your driver

• Hotel Pickup: driver will wait at hotel lobby at appointed time.

• Personal address Pickup: driver will arrive at your place on an appointed time.

• Arrival pickup: driver will wait at flight arrival base on your actual landing time, holding a sign of your name.

• Driver's contact number will be sent to you 2-3 days before departure and you can always find help on ETripChina hotline.


Change and Cancellation

Free change and cancellation if made 7 days before departure. 30% charged as penalty for 3-7 days; 50% charged within 3 days; and 100% charged as penalty within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Rizwan , Sep. 20, 2019

First rate service! Found my driver immediately once I stepped out of the airport as he had a sign with my name clearly written on it. Vehicle was was spotless. Highly recommended.

Matt , May. 29, 2019

The drivers both ways were prompt and courteous, the car was clean, and all went well. Easy to reserve & pay online.

Kevin , May. 1, 2019

I had no problems booking before I left from Mexico, reminder emails were sent the day before and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Tina and the team.

Halligan , Apr. 18, 2019

Drivers were professional and prompt, which is extremely important to me. Communication was good as well. Highly recommend!

Donna , Apr. 14, 2019

We rented this limo service from the airport to the hotel. I highly recommend splurging on this one when you get to Canton! It's the perfect way to start your trip off right!

Grace , May. 4, 2018

Have used this service for the last year and never an issue. Great drivers, always on time and the cars are really nice.

Limya , Apr. 13, 2017

The driver were excellent and car was cozy. I was satisfied with this transfer service from Hongkong to Shenzhen.We met there on the evening but everything went well.The driver was extremely helpful and service-minded.

Nico... , Apr. 17, 2017

We came to Guangzhou for a few days for business travel, chose this agency because we wanted to avoid hassles. We were not disappointed! Excellent vehicle and service, friedly car,everything was great!The driver is super helpful.

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