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3 Days Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhouzhuang

  • City visit of Panmen Gate and classical gardens including the Humble Administrator's Garden
  • Visit of Zhouzhuang Water Town and enjoy a boat ride
  • Rickshaw ride in Suzhou to have a look of the local people's life
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  • Private Tour
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Shanghai to Suzhou (private transfer)

Your guide will meet you at the Hongqiao airport in Shanghai or hotels that you stay in Shanghai city. Drive about one and half hours to reach your hotel in Suzhou.

Suzhou is linked to a highly developed bullet train network in East China and is close to Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai, airports in Nanjing, Wuxi and Hangzhou.

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Garden Hotel 3*/ Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou 4*/ Pan Pacific Suzhou 5*


Suzhou city tour

Visit the Grand Canal (Cruising by Motor Boat), Panmen Gate, the No.1 Silk Factory, Tiger Hill, Humble Administrators Garden, and enjoy a night Tour of Nets Master Garden.

The Grand Canal of China is the world's longest canal or artificial river, starting at Beijing in the north to the city of Hangzhou in southeast of China over a total length of 1,794 km. The oldest parts of the canal have a history more than 1400 years and only parts of the river are navigable. Taking a cruise over the section in Suzhou - Venice of the East, can get a glimpse of how life used to be for the local Chinese and enjoy picturesque view set back with many ancient houses and buildings on both sides.

With a history around 2,500 years, the Pan Gate is a famous historical landmark in Suzhou. After renovation, the Pan Gate is referred to the Panmen scenic area with all the "typical" Suzhou things. It is a lovely combination of pagoda, green garden, stone bridge and old gate encircling the canal of Suzhou.

Built in 1926, the No.1 Silk Factory in Suzhou is famous for its silk produts. It is a fascinating place for visitors also to see a complete process of silk making from silkworm raising to silk weaving. All kinds of clothing, silk bedding, materials are displayed in the showroom.

Among over twenty old gardens in Suzhou, the Master of the Nets Garden is an exquisite example of a Chinese Garden. Though one of the smallest, it is looks bigger by using the techniques of relative dimension, contrast, depth, and borrowed scenery. A visit at night can let you enjoy the traditional Chinese singing and musical instruments.

Tiger Hill has been a tourist spot in Suzhou for hundreds of years. It is a nice park comprising of aged pagoda, temple, canal, gardens, ancient buildings, bonsai collection and ponds. There are also outdoor traditional performances of dance, music and opera. Prepare for a lot of walking and a hike up the hill.

The Humble Administrator's Garden is the largest one in Suzhou covering an area over 5 hectares. It is considered to be the finest and most impressive garden in all of southern China. It contains zigzagging bridges, numerous pavillions, connected ponds and islands, bamboo groves, plenty of bonsai, a teahouse and a museum which had good information on garden construction and comparison between Chinese, Asian & Western gardens.

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Garden Hotel 3*/ Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou 4*/ Pan Pacific Suzhou 5*


Suzhou to Shanghai (En route: Zhouzhuang)

Take Rickshaw ride to enjoy more of Suzhou city. Back to Shanghai after the a rickshaw ride in Suzhou city. En route visit Zhouzhuang Water Town and enjoy a boat trip there.

With a history over 2,500 years, Suzhou has abundant historical sites. Most of them scatter around the old streets in the city center. Rickshaw ride in Suzhou is an interesting way to enjoy a look of local people's life and the exquisite spots lay quietly in the old streets.

With a history of more than 900 years, Zhouzhuang is considered as China's oldest water town surrounded and divided by lakes and rivers. It is well preserved as the style and pattern of its ancient appearance. The most famous attractions in Zhouzhuang include Fu'an Bridge, Double Bridge and Shen's Hall of Residence. A boat ride can be very enjoyable and offer great photo opportunities.

Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

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