Ports of Entry

There are eight ports of entry between Hong Kong and Shenzhen border. From the east to west, there are land ports of Shatou Jiao, Wenjin Du, Luohu, Huanggang, Futian and Shenzhen Bay. Other two are sea ports at Shekou and Fuyong.

The most-used land ports by visitors

Luohu Port lies on the border of New Territory of Hong Kong and Luohu district of Shenzhen which is the busiest center of Shenzhen city. Almost of the passengers going from Hong Kong to mainland China go through land border check point of Luohu (Lo Wu).

Working hours of Luohu Check Point is from 6:30am to 24:00pm. It takes 5- 15 minutes to go through immigration process as usual due to its largest passenger handling , but waiting hours could be longer at special events or public holidays.

Transport to Luohu (Lo Wu) is very convenient. At Hong Kong side, Metro East Line terminus at Hung Hom station and Lo Wu station taking passengers from city center to the place right at the closed frontier area near the border. The whole journey takes around 40 minutes. And there are regular buses (A41) from Hong Kong airport to Sheungshui station (one stop away from Lo Wu) operating every 30 minutes. Bus journey is about 50 minutes and the whole journey takes around 1.5.

On Shenzhen side, the Shenzhen Station (深圳站) is only 15 mins walking distance from the exit of Luo Hu port (罗湖关口). From there you can take bullet train to Guangzhou East or Guangzhou Station.

Futian Port lies in Futian District of Shenzhen bordering Lok Ma Chau of Hong Kong side. It is a newly used checkpoint working from 6:30 am to 22:30pm. The undergoing high speed way from Guangzhou to Hong Kong meets here and it is scheduled to open by 2018.

At Hong Kong side, Metro East Line takes passengers from Hung Hom Station at city center to Lok Ma Chau Station where Futian Port locates. Coaches from Hong Kong Airport stops at Sheungshui station, one stop away from Lok Ma Chau.

At Shenzhen side, Futian is conveniently connected by subway line to city center and Shenzhen North Railway station. And there are a lot of bullet trains from Futian Railway Station to Guangzhou South Station. Check from our real-time data at China Train Page.

Huanggang port is suitable for those arriving late as it is the only 24-hour checkpoint. No direct train or subway to and from Huanggang port, but buses are frequently to and from Hong Kong airport.

Which port should I choose

Both Luohu and Futian Port enjoy the same convenient train transport from Hong Kong city center to Lo Wu Station and Lok Ma Chau Station separately. And enjoys almost the same distance to Sheungshui station where buses to and from Hong Kong airport.

Your purpose and destination in Guangzhou decides you which port to go through. Shenzhen station (near Luohu Port) operates trains to and Guangzhou East and Guangzhou Station, while Futian Station operates train to Guangzhou South only.

If attending meeting or Canton Fair in Guangzhou, choose the nearest terminus to your destination. If taking connecting train in Guangzhou, plan to arrive and depart from the same station to avoid city transport.

Plan your trip with real-time data at our China Train Page.

How to get to Luohu or Futian Port

Check a metro map below to get a rough idea where to board and disembark with Metro East Line.

Taxis can take you to Sheungshui Station and Lok Ma Chau. Cost is around HKD 300 -350 ($40 -$47) from Hong Kong Airport and around HKD 250 ($33) from city center.

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