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Erlian Station

Station: Erlian Railway Station Station(CN): 二连Address: No.2, Yingbin North Road, Erenhot City, Xilin Gol League, Inner MongoliaAddress(CN): 内蒙古自治区锡林郭勒盟二连浩特市迎宾北路2号

Schedule and Ticket Booking



Q1 Can I purchase ticket at train station?
A1 Every train station has ticket office working from early morning to late night or ending when the last train passing by on the day. Staff speak no or little English. Prepare yourself relevant notes both in English and Chinese. And China Rail accepts cash only. Advanced booking is always recommended as China train tickets selling fast always.
Q2 Are there elevators or escaltors in train stations?
A2 Most major stations those are rebuilt or renovated to allow high-speed trains equipped with elevators or escaltors, but not in many smaller stations. You still need to carry luggage up and down. Some stations has help center or porters. You can find it at the first floor and care about your precious.
Q3 Can I deposit my luggage in a train station?
A3 Almost of the train stations offer luggage store services. Charges are approximately CNY10-20 per piece (for hours or half day) depends on its size. Don't leave any valuable items in your luggage.
Q4 What other types of services are available at the station?
A4 Many rebuilt train stations in big cities provide a variety of services, including information desks, luggage store, arrival/departure boards, restrooms, coffee shops and gift shops. Some larger stations in larger cities have WiFi hotspots, lounges for business travelers, and restaurants and bars.
Q5 How can collect my paper ticket?
A5 Find ticket office (售票厅) at train station and join in any queue. Staff will ask for your e-ticket number (given in the confirmation letter) and your passport. Avoid the first and last window which are usually for changes and cancellation.